Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The voting is brisk and furious....

About 400 folks have cast their votes so far, and it continues to grow each day. Where do things stand? I'm not saying anything just yet--I don't really want my commentary to sway opinions or votes. The matter of attempted finds is turning into quite a rout, and I sincerely doubt any new votes are going to change that outcome. Over half of the votes are for one choice, with less than half of the votes split between the other three choices. Still, as they say, every vote counts so keep them coming.

The matter of blue diamonds isn't nearly the routing that attempted finds have become (none of the three blue diamond choices has more than 50% of the vote), but there is a strong preference for one of the answers.

I want everyone who wants a say in the matter to have their say, so I'll be monitoring the number of new votes being cast each day. When it drops off significantly (perhaps less than 30 votes in a single day?) I'll announce the results.

In other news, I'm currently experiencing technical difficulties with this computer, so I may not be as prompt as replying as normal. Stupid computers, huh? Actually, the mouse is giving me the biggest fits, but please be patient. I'll try to fix all the bugs that get reported just as soon as I can! =)

In the meantime, if you haven't done it yet, cast your votes now!

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