Monday, December 25, 2006

Boxing Day Is Here

Boxing Day is here, and you know what that means: Everyone can now log finds for unlisted boxes on Atlas Quest. For the day, at least. AQ works on Pacific Time, so you folks on the east coast can keep adding those finds until 3:00am. Our English visitors will get to keep adding them until 7:00am, if I counted my time zones right.

How do you add finds for unlisted boxes? Head over the 'Record Find/Attempt' page. It's located under the 'Letterboxes' menubar option. Type in the name of the box you found--or even a word or two of the title for a partial match.

Atlas Quest will list all of the boxes it knows about that matches your search including both listed boxes and unlisted boxes that other's have already listed. Click on the box you found if it's listed. If you are the first to record the find, click the 'Create' button by the 'Unlisted Letterboxes' header.

At this point, you can fine tune the name of the box you found if you typed in the partial name before committing to saving the find.

Repeat as necessary. =)

On a sadder note, some of you asked about my wishy-washy post yesterday about things not being so merry around these parts. It involves Amanda, and I didn't want to say anything more without her approval which she gave me this afternoon. Her dad, George, was diagnosed with a terminal cancer a couple of months ago, and things turned considerably worse for him this last week, and she's been in Florida with family the last several days essentially waiting for him to die. Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, he finally did. Not a very merry Christmas, needless to say.

Anyone who'd like to send a card to her or her family can mail it to my PO Box at:

Amanda Arkebauer
PO Box 16131
Seattle, WA 98116

Anyhow.... there's not much more for me to say about that.

Remember, though. Christmas is a good holiday, but Boxing Day is even better. Make the most every minute you have today. Record your finds. Get out and find a letterbox. And hug your loved ones. =)


bayena foulsbane said...

sendin amanda lots of *hugs*!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the free listing day. We are one of those people who can't afford premiumn.

We are also praying for Amanda and her family


Anonymous said...

New boxer and Oncology and Hospice nurse sends much love to perfect strangers. God bless you all and I hope you can find joy at the end of your sorrow.