Friday, May 03, 2024

Listing Your Stamps!!!

I have to admit, I don't understand the pathological need some people have to list every stamp they carve on Atlas Quest. The large warnings saying to list boxes and not stamps seems to be taken as a mild suggestion. Even rampaging through boxes deleting stamps listed as boxes doesn't seem to discourage people.

So, I finally caved in and now allow people to list every single individual stamp within a box. But--keep in mind, I will continue to delete stamps that are listed as boxes. There are stamps, and there are boxes, but they are not interchangeable. 

Each box is required to have at least one stamp in it. (Otherwise, it's not really a letterbox, it is? And therefore shouldn't be listed at all.) But each box can have one or more stamps listed within it.

The nice thing about this setup is that is it now possible to have multiple carvers for a single box--each stamp can have one carver assigned to it, and they don't need to be the same carver for each stamp.

All boxes already listed on AQ have, by default, had one, anonymous stamp listed as being part of the box with whoever was listed as the carver previously. If you want to edit your boxes that have more than one stamp, you can do that and add the extra stamps--this is entirely optional, though. The number of stamps you list in a box doesn't affect any counts except the number of stamps in that box.

You can assign a name for each stamp in a box, but this completely optional as well. By default, none of the stamps have any name at all. If a box has more than one stamp and they aren't given names, they'll simply be listed as "stamp #1", "stamp #2", etc. If a box has one stamp without a name, it'll just list the carver and not display a "name" for the stamp at all.

Hope this finally helps put to rest the listing of "fake boxes" that are really just stamps--but be warned--admins will continue to delete "boxes" that they come across if you mislabel your stamps as a full-fledged box.

For those of you who don't really care about listing stamps--you don't have to. Even if you hide a box with lots of stamps in them, don't feel compelled that every single stamp needs to be listed. If you just leave the default stamp settings in place (one stamp, with no name, that you are the carver of), you won't really see any change in your listings and that's fine. This is purely an optional step for those with a pathological need to list every one of the stamps that they have in a box. =)

Thanks, and I hope y'all enjoy the update!