Friday, December 15, 2006

And the Planter's Choice Award goes to.....! And, well, anyone else who's planted a box. We're all winners, aren't we? =)

Yesterday I updated Atlas Quest to support the concept of "Planter's Choice." Those are the favorite boxes you've planted. It might be sentimental because it's the first box you ever planted, or maybe a significant other proposed at the box, or it might just be one amazing letterbox that fills your heart with pride. Now you can tell others which of your boxes are particularly special. When you add or edit a letterbox, there's a new attribute called "Planter's Choice." Check that box for your favorite boxes, and the planter's choice icon--a lovingly cared for flower--will always mark those boxes.

There are no limits in the use of this icon--just use it on any number of boxes that you think deserve the extra attention to make it a planter's choice.

And next time you go out to look for a box, if you're trying to decide between which of two letterboxes to get but only one has the planter's choice, go for the planter's choice. They'll be happy you did. =)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a great new feature! I hope you don't get pummled for it...
Team Tysonosaurus