Thursday, October 25, 2012

Updates! Updates! Updates!

Now that I'm not hiking the Camino anymore (what, you didn't get that memo?)--I'm back at work on Atlas Quest. I've been uploading tweaks and improvements all week long. Have you noticed any of them? They're relatively minor, but so far, nobody has posted about them on any of the message boards. Have none of my updates been noticed yet?

Anyhow, tonight I wanted to make an update that required me to take AQ down for several minutes. The updates are in and the site is back up again. Can you find the changes? =)

I'm not going to post about them here, though. Nope. I'm going to let y'all look for changes. If you find any, go ahead and post about it! On the message boards or on this blog--it doesn't matter to me. None of the changes are particularly noteworthy or announcement worthy, and they're all pretty self-explanatory, so when you do find them, I don't really have to explain what it's for.

So instead of announcing the changes--I'm just announcing that there are changes to be found. And more in the works. Keep your eyes open!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Last Call for Calendar Photos!

The 2013 letterboxing calendar, obviously, is running a bit later this year than normal due to my hiking El Camino de Santiago. I arrived in Santiago yesterday afternoon, however, and my trip is winding down. Which means it's time I get going on the letterboxing calendar! So get your favorite photos of the year submitted ASAP! =)

I'm not going to set a hard deadline. I figure I'll be hiking for another week or so, though, so you've got several days. Don't linger too long, though!