Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Southern Continent has been conquered!

Yes, the last continent without a letterbox, Antarctica, is now part of the letterboxing club. Chilly Willie is hiding out trying to stay warm at McMurdo Station.

There are still some countries available for "first plants." Especially in Africa and South America where quite a few countries are available for first planters. Let's make a new years resolution to introduce letterboxing to all those countries that have yet to see one. =)


Lisa said...

How COOL is that?

I knew a woman who was a baker's assistant at McMurdo Station. Her husband was the staff baker for two season, and she went down with him for one of them.

Since they couldn't exactly run down to the corner store if they came up short on ingredients, they had to bring the entire season's supplies with them. Imagine having to figure out how much flour and yeast to bring for 1,100 cold and hungry scientists!

Anonymous said...

I plan on hitting Kuwait in a week or so...BR1