Friday, July 05, 2013

Looking for Calendar Photos!

Yiker harasses the wildlife in Newport, OR.
Some of you might have missed it, but the deadline for calendars is fast approaching! It's a bit earlier this year because I plan to spend a great deal of time hiking the Colorado Trail then, almost immediately afterwards, plow down the Long Trail in Vermont. I'm not actually sure where I'll be able to fit time in to create a calendar, so I figure it's better to ask for photos early and work with them whenever I get a chance then wait until I get a chance before asking for photos. Whatever chance I have for creating the calendar will be fleeting at best!

So look through all of those photos you've been taking on your vacations, road trips and letterboxing adventures and get them uploaded to Project X. There's a free calendar in it for anyone whose photo I use in the 2014 letterboxing calendar!

I had to share this photo that Yiker submitted. I just love this photo. It's a gorgeous image, and a fun one as well! =)