Tuesday, October 29, 2013

There's a New Widget in Town....

Most of you know about Wassa--he's not quiet or shy. =) But there's another webmaster on AQ you might not know about named Admin 42, and he/she doesn't post much so you might not even know of their existence.

However! He/she does read the message boards, and there was a request some time ago to create a calendar widget that could display when trackers, events and such that you've signed up for start. I liked the idea and bookmarked it to implement later, but Admin 42 didn't want to wait and took it upon themselves to create such a widget.

And it's now available. He/she still says the widget is a work in progress, but it currently does include listings for trackers you've signed up for and any entries you've added to the Countdown Widget. (For those of you not familiar with the Countdown Widget, it's a premium member only widget.) Event signups are still a work in progress, but I suspect those will be supported soon enough as  well!

The Calendar Widget will also be just for premium members--at least for now while Admin 42 is still actively working on it. I haven't decided if I'll open it up for everyone when the widget is "done," but for now, premium members who want to kick the tires, go the Add Widgets page and add the Calendar Widget! It's pretty awesome! =)