Thursday, January 21, 2010

Box Lock!

There's a new feature you can find in your preferences that I affectionately called Box Lock. Occasionally, people have wanted to restrict all of their boxes for whatever reason. Maybe Time magazine came out with an article and you're afraid of a bunch of newbie boxers damaging your boxes. Maybe there's a troll in your area vandalizing local boxes. Whatever you're reason, you want to limit access to your boxes--all of your boxes.

AQ has almost always had options to limit who can see your boxes, but to limit access to all of one's boxes could be a serious chore if you had a lot of boxes planted. No more! The box lock page allows you to set P and F-count restrictions on all of your boxes at once. You can set a minimum restriction, or you can increment existing restrictions by a certain number. (You can also set maximum restrictions, and decrease existing restrictions when you feel it's safe to allow more access to your boxes.)

You can also change specific types of boxes. For instance, you might want to restrict your traditional plants, but you don't need to restrict your personal travelers. Assuming most people are interested in adjusting the settings for traditional boxes, that's the default box type that will be affected, but it's possible to adjust any of the box types--or all of them at once.

But.... here's hoping you'll never have any use for this feature! *cheers* =)

-- Ryan