Tuesday, April 02, 2024

AQ Marketplace Has Closed!

Due to overwhelming demand, we've had to temporarily close our AQ Marketplace

Just kidding, of course! However, the announcement from yesterday about all the new products is totally, 100% fake. None of those items are for sale, and most of them don't even exist. It's all part of AQ's annual April Fools Day prank. Hope you enjoyed it!

The idea of stuffing the AQ Marketplace started while I was flying through Philadelphia. There was a display of collections, and one collection in particular grabbed my eye. Actually, not so much one collection, but rather a specific item in one collection: a portrait of JFK from a magazine with the words "suitable for framing" written across the top. I thought that was hilarious, and how funny would it be if I sold portraits of myself that were "suitable for framing." =)

Suitable for framing? Oh, really?
That sounds like the start of a great idea....

Which led to the idea of stuffing the AQ Marketplace with all sorts of ridiculous and stupid items. I just needed to sit down and think of some ideas. And presto, a bunch of new stuff for the AQ Marketplace.

The one thing I did have to create was a bunch of "Wassa faces" for the "Wassa flocking." I knew there were already a bunch of Wassa faces out there in the wild--I've seen them (and even have one of my own!)--but I needed a whole flock of them to create, well, a flock. So I scrolled through Facebook photos of Wassa looking for one that had a high-enough resolution that I could print it out on a full-size sheet of paper and create a flock. 

And.... I'm willing to share it. =)

Hope you enjoyed it!

If that doesn't give you nightmares, nothing will!

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