Sunday, July 19, 2020

Video Tutorials!

So earlier in the week, it was suggested that I create some video tutorials--an idea which I absolutely LOVE! Even if for no other reason than I can talk to myself and not have anyone interrupt. =)

My first video was How To List a Bonus Box.

And today, you can learn how to use the trip planner! This describes a premium member perk so if you aren't a premium member, it won't be very helpful. (But if you want to see what premium members can do--maybe you will be interested?)

I'll likely be creating more of these over time.... have any requests? Comment below! Or on the message boards! Or email me. Or something.... I can't promise I'll make a video about every topic that's suggested, but I'll keep a list to work on.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is a super useful tutorial. I love the idea of the trip planner but haven't used it much (even though I have access to it) - so this will really help spur me to use it! Thanks!