Tuesday, July 28, 2020

How to List a Letterbox

So I created the newest video tutorial for Atlas Quest: How to List a Letterbox. Whether you're a letterboxing newbie learning how to use AQ or an experienced boxer who feels overwhelmed with the recent redesign of the add/edit box pages, you're bound to find a useful tip or two.

You might find some of the tips helpful for editing a letterbox as well since the processes are largely the same. The main difference is that when you edit a box, you aren't required to add a box name or type up front since those have already been added. Or you can watch the video to admire my relatively newly-shaved head. =)

Hope you get a lot of use out of it! Have more questions or comments or suggestions for future video tutorials, post a comment below! =)


Unknown said...

I created a Reserved box yesterday, but how do I find it again to complete the information?

Ryan said...

You can find them in your logbook. https://www.atlasquest.com/people/logbook.php?actionId=1&boxType=reserve

Leona Hurley said...

Hi, I Live near Lake Hartwell in Anderson SC. We have Jet skis and would like to plant boxes on islands . Is it possible to do this? Is there icons that show a boat or jet skis, or an island?
Sunshine Island Hoppers

Ryan said...

I can't speak for the legality of planting boxes on specific islands--I have no idea about those sorts of rules. But there's certainly nothing on AQ that would prohibit you from planting on islands. There no dedicated boat or jet ski icon, but you can use the "special equipment required" icon.