Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Biggest Update You've Never Seen!

Would you believe... I was looking for a letterbox?
So I took Atlas Quest down for about 20 minutes to complete a huge update on the website! Which... you probably won't notice anything different because absolutely nothing looks different as far as I can think of.

Much of the update involves upgrading software so, theoretically, things will run faster and better and more securely. Which involved updating the code on... well, all of my websites. I've been doing updates to them all: The Soda Can Stove, Backcountry Water, Ryan's a Total Goober, Walking 4 Fun, etc.

But those updates I could do with no downtime at all and absolutely nobody noticed anything different. =)

The update for AQ was a bit more complicated, however, which required a bit of downtime.

But there is one small update that's awesome! Okay, it's small-scale awesome--but it fixes one of those minor issues that has bugged me for years.

When you upload an image, it'll actually be right-side up! All of the time! =)

For a portrait-framed (vertical) photo taken with your smartphone--such as this one of me climbing a tree--it would invariably show up sideways when you uploaded it to AQ. It's been on my to-do list to update the clue page so you could rotate the image manually as needed, but until then, you had to open the photo in some sort of photo-editing software and re-save the photo (even though you might not have changed anything) before uploading the photo to make it right-side up.

But now it's no longer necessary because it should auto-rotate and appear right-side up without any additional input. Yeah! Just in time for the mass of boxes to be published for Plant-a-Letterbox day! =)

I should also point out... this will NOT fix photos that have already been uploaded and left in the sideways position. Only newly uploaded photos will be auto-corrected.

In other news, given how much has changed with this update, it's entirely possible that there are some bugs that have found their way in. If you stumble across them, let me know and please be patient as I try to get them fixed! Thanks!

-- Ryan
It's a bug! But please don't report this one.... This one was put here deliberately! =)

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Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaay! Thank you! And I am particularly thankful for the update that makes photos upload in the right orientation. I've run into that problem many times, so this is awesome.