Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Satisfied Eye Bleach Patch Customer

Another satisfied eye bleach customer!
The first eye bleach patches have gone out, making their way to satisfied customers all over North America. I made a quick trip out to North Carolina to hand deliver some of these important letterboxing tools to Mama Wolf. As you can see, she's quite pleased with the results. You don't want to know what's behind the camera! We would not be smiling now without these eye bleach patches on!

Now everyone knows that Wassa is the brains and inspiration for eye bleach, but it was actually Mama Stork who first contacted me about the idea for eye bleach patches shortly after I finished hiking the PCT. I immediately loved the idea, but since it was Wassa's patented product, I threw the idea to him to ask if he wanted to run with it. Guess he was busy, because he said no, but he too loved the idea. So then it was up to me to create the patches.

When I saw the results, I knew it was something special and needed to think up a way to properly "introduce" the product to the rest of the world, which is when I decided on the eye bleach countdown idea. Wassa helped me research posts to use, an astonishingly simple job for him since he's in so many of them. =)

And the rest, as they say, is history. Order your eye bleach patches in the AQ Marketplace today! Supplies are limited!


Anonymous said...

Is that really an arm around Mama Wolf

Sue KuKu said...

I love my patch! So well designed and fun!

Thanks for doing this!


Anonymous said...

Yes, that does look like an arm around Mama Wolf. And they are BOTH smiling.

So who is that, really?


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

All I can say is that I was so darn pleased NOT to be seeing what a Amanda was doing near that Portajohn that I didn't even notice the arm! That's one fantastic product!! I'm one satisfied customer!

Thank you! Thank you!

Mama Wolf