Sunday, December 05, 2010

Eye Bleach Countdown #4

Reason #4: In one of the most shocking posts ever, details of which I still don't fully understand, included information about a letterboxing event hinting about guys in drag, DD falsies, maternity dresses, self-adhesive nipples on Wassa's butt, and Wassa stamping in exchanges with his butt. All in the same post! 

While I am pleased to report that, so far as I know, none of these images ever made it onto Atlas Quest, I cannot be certain that will stay the case. It's like a ticking time bomb. Be prepared. Have your eye bleach ready! Order yours from the AQ Marketplace today!


Ryan said...

Nobody has any comment about this photo of Wassa? *shaking head*

wassamatta_u said...

You're evil, Ryan. Pure evil.

Anonymous said...

I'll comment.

Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ryan said...

I've never seen you look so colorful before! It's really quite amazing what you've done with yourself! =) Looks like you might have lost a few pounds too. Good job!

-- Ryan