Thursday, August 13, 2009

Calendar Photo Deadline Approaching!

For those of you interested in submitting photos for the 2010 letterboxing calendar, be sure to upload them by the end of the month! Full details about the project can be read on the Project X page. (I moved the link so it's now under the 'Marketplace' menubar option rather than the 'Toolbox' option where it used to be--in case you're having trouble finding it.) It has some descriptions for what I'm looking for in photos along with previous calendars of photos that had been selected as winners.

I included my favorite photo of last year's calendar in this post. Isn't that photos absolutely awesome! Seems like every year I get at least one photo that when I see it, my eyes pop out and I immediately know that I'll use it. Not that many of the other photos are absolutely stunning, but certain photos are just hard to get. A bright red cardinal sitting in a tree during a snowstorm? That's not the kind of picture you can plan for! The bright red against that cold, white background--what an amazing photo! A nice scene of a sunset can be beautiful, but finding a pretty sunset isn't actually all that hard to do. (Probably why I get so many sunset submissions!) But this photo..... wow. It's the one that really grabbed my attention last year. I'd never be able to get a photo like that in a hundred years!

Which one will grab my attention this year? =)

-- Ryan


Soup-a-Woman said...

Super excited about this year's calendar! Can I make a request? When you're choosing the calendar style, will you think about getting the calendars with actual boxes for each day instead of just the vertical lines? When my family writes things down in this year's calendar I'm constantly asking, "Is this the on the 17th? or on the 24th?"

Probably I just have a sloppy family - but it would be nice to not have to check up on it. :)


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Carianna. Please get actual squares for each date. This was the only beef I had with this year's calendar. Thanks!


Goofy girl said...

well crud I didn't realize this was approaching so close!!

Caitlin T. said...

Wow, what a cool idea! I love the photo you posted - it looks just like a Holiday card! Very lovely and serene.


Teresa said...

Actually, Ryan, cardinals in a snowstorm are pretty common if you live in the great white north. They're one of the few birds that sticks around all winter, and they love back yard bird feeders. A very lovely splash of red to cheer up the day.