Thursday, December 25, 2008

Start Your Logging!

Many moons ago, there was a person who could not afford a premium membership on Atlas Quest. It was pointed out that even those without premium memberships can often be valuable members of our little community, however, helping answer questions, listing boxes for others to find, and so forth.

So I started periodically setting up "Free Listing Day," where every member on Atlas Quest, regardless of their premium membership, can have a whole day to list their finds for boxes that are not listed on Atlas Quest. Essentially, a premium member perk for a day as a thank you for your contributions to Atlas Quest and the letterboxing community.

I mix up the dates a bit and don't give a lot of advanced warning for "Free Listing Days" since it's meant for people who use and contribute to Atlas Quest on a regular basis. The last couple of years, I used Boxing Day as a Free Listing Day, but this year decided it had to move so I wouldn't become TOO predictable. =)

I originally moved it to Thanksgiving, but I ended up out in the proverbial woods and didn't have a chance to post the announcement in time! So as far as I can tell, not one single person took advantage of Free Listing Day, because I was the only person who even knew about. =)

So I moved it to Christmas this year instead. If you want a complete logbook of all your finds online, start recording your finds! You'll first see a list of boxes listed on AQ that match the box name you're looking for. Don't bother to search based on the author--unlisted boxes have no author listed. Assuming the box you're looking for really isn't listed on Atlas Quest, scroll down past those entries until you get to the list of "unlisted boxes."

Other people have been listing unlisted boxes, and to save yourselves a few keystrokes, you can see if someone else may have already recorded a find on the same box and use their data about the box. Or just click the "Create" button and add a find directly. The list of 'unlisted boxes' is just a convenience--don't get too wrapped up in finding your box in that list. If you do see the box you found and you don't like how it was entered, make your own with that Create button.

You'll have all of Christmas Day to use this premium member perk. Atlas Quest runs on Pacific Time, and the party ends at midnight. =)

Oh, and Merry Christmas! Post a comment and let us know what your favorite gift this year was! =)


ipsquibibble said...

Merry Christmas, Ryan- I think it's really sweet of you to gift "free listing days" to our community. :)

My favorite gift this year was a picture frame that my oldest son decorated with sequins and googly eyes and confetti that he put a photo in of me holding him when he was less than a month old. He's blissfully asleep on my chest- I still have that stunned "Oh god what have I done?!" look on my face. It's a touching and heartbreaking reminder of how far we've come. :)

What was your favorite gift? Poodle Dudes

Anonymous said...

I missed that AQ runs on Pacific Standard Time and tried logging my finds at 7 am local (GMT)! Have now added my latest boxes - nabbed yesterday. Yes, I went boxing on Christmas Eve!

Favourite present: the complete boxed set of ALL of Monty Python, television programmes and films. That is 15 DVDs!

Merry Christmas to all.

Dilton Martian

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Ryan, thanks for the best present I could get :)

Anonymous said...

our best present:
Time spent with four of our grandchildren, one of whom is brand new.
Grumpy Grinch

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Thank you for your gift of "free listing day".

My favorite gift was a framed picture of my four year old daughter at the lake. Grandma managed not to stick her thumb in the frame. (She is famous for taking bad pictures!) One of my first thoughts when I seen her standing by the lake was the three letterboxes that are hidden nearby!

Spirit Seeker

Anonymous said...

My favorite gift this year was a digital photo frame, that I can put all my letterboxing pictures on, and it will show each of them for about 30 seconds, the go to the next!!! I'll get to relive great memories everyday!
~The Cats Meow~

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ryan for a wonderful gift. My favorite gift is that our family will all be together for about 5 days. Happy Holidays everyone. Mojudy

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all!

My favorite gift? I'll have to make a short list.....

The greatest gift from God.

My family.


Free listing day.

Thanks Ryan!

Yak~King blues

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!!!
Our best present was/is three wonderful happy healthy letterboxing children.

Happy Holidays from the easr coast...

Tater and FreeBird

Anonymous said...

A mouse shaped cutting board handmade for me by my dad and the book Mice on Main. This books is about mice hidden in downtown Greenville, SC and there is a letterbox listed in honor of this special set of bronze statues.

Thanks again Ryan for all you do to make letterboxing enjoyable for so many people!

Renee Fister-Lee said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays fellow letterboxers,
My favorite gift would have to be the awesome IPhone my husband gave me. Now I can check my AQ e-mail while out in town and look for letterbox clues anywhere I happen to be. He also gave me the money to renew my AQ membership which expires in 7 days...

Thankful for a wonderful noxer husband who understands my passion for letterboxing and AQ in general.

Also, very thankful for Ryan who does everything to make AQ a really fun place to be!!

Turtlelove :o)

kaslkaos said...

I guess I wasn't good to Santa. Missed out again. :-(

Anonymous said...

There has to be a Yule Logging/You'll Log joke in here somewhere.

Santa did swell by us. Probably too much pie and cake though.


Teresa said...

Thanks for the listing day, Ryan! I was able to list all my daughter's finds (I have a premium acct for me but not for her). She is pretty half-hearted about boxing, but after I showed her a print-out of all the boxes she has found (116), she got pretty excited. Then I gave her the cat-eye inks my husband had given me for Christmas (I had actually asked for re-inkers, not ink pads). So we're good to go, as soon as the snow melts, which in CT will probably be a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

:o( I was so stressed out with my dd's flight home from college being cancelled because of the major snow here in the PNW (we have 2 feet of snow at our house)and then braving the icey roads to SeaTac at 6 AM the next morning when she got on a standby flight .....and finally having so much fun with my whole family home for the holidays (and our first ever White Christmas)that I didn't get the news about the free logging day until it was too late......but thanks for the day anyway.....hopefully next year I won't miss it.......

Anonymous said...

I'm not really into wanting anything in particular in the line of Christmas gifts, so when my daughter asked me what I wanted, I just said "oh, world peace and harmony." Well, I received half my wish...she gave me a pint of Ben and Jerry's "Whirled Peace"! Awesome!


Unknown said...

Mine was just having the full 2 weeks off with the Highlander. Sure, we'll be in a financial pickle later, but at least we've got each other to pickle with! :-)