Thursday, October 04, 2007

A poll, a poll, yes... another poll....

Now that I'm not up to my neck in an update, I put together a little poll for Atlas Quest members. Let yourself be heard! You can find the poll link under the 'My Page' menubar option, called Voting Booth.

Include with this poll is a revote for blue diamonds and the option to hide finds and attempts on one's boxes. I've largely stopped tweaking blue diamonds at this point and feel it's as good as it'll get with the data available. (Granted, more votes always means better data, but there's not the large influx of votes coming in relative to the amount that are already in at this point.) I've tweaked the best I could, and there's not more tweaking to be done. Do you consider the results worthless and the feature should go, or do you think it's useful (or at least somewhat interesting) and the feature should stay? Let me know!

The last vote with providing an option for planters to hide finds and attempts on their boxes was made during emotional duress, and now that you've all had a chance to try to the option to not allow finds and attempts to be hidden, you're probably better qualified to decide if that would be a worth while option. Especially given the fact that most people seemed okay with allowing the option to hide finds and attempts in your logbook (yes, that was in the last update, in case you missed it--check your preferences), I'm thinking there's a real possibility that people might be okay with an option to hide finds and attempts on one's own boxes. Note, however, that the last found date will still be available--you just will not be able to see the list of finds and attempts, nor who were the finders or attempters.

Then there are a few questions about the demographics on Atlas Quest (and, in theory, letterboxers as a whole, but who knows?), including age, sex, and how long you've been letterboxing.

Then there's a rather silly question because.... do I really need a reason? =)

So head over to the Voting Booth and cast your votes. All votes will remain confidential. The voting booth will be open for... well, I don't know how long. A week or so, perhaps? I don't have a set timeline. I'll announce the results after the voting booths close.


Anonymous said...

Hey...I couldn't get into the voting booth. It said it was already closed!

Anonymous said...

Same here - Can't get in.

Anonymous said...

When will it be up and running? I don't want to miss the vote.

Ryan said...

Ooops! Sorry about that. It's open now. =)

Celtic Quinn said...

I think that last question should have an 'all of the above' option. :D
I'd select it. :}