Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Election Results!

The election is over, the votes have been counted. Grand total, 559 members cast their votes. The quick summary: Blue diamonds are here to stay, the option to hide finds and attempts on your boxes are not. The detailed summary:

Should Atlas Quest provide an option to hide finds and attempts on your boxes from others?
1. Yes, give us the option (141 - 25%)
2. No, always show the finds and attempts (268 - 48%)
3. No preference (150 - 27%)

Blue diamonds—keep 'em or trash 'em?
1. I love blue diamonds! Keep 'em! (279 - 50%)
2. I hate blue diamonds! Trash 'em! (68 - 12%)
3. No preference (212 - 38%)

1. I am male (94 - 17%)
2. I am female (320 - 57%)
3. We're a couple (95 - 17%)
4. Other (50 - 9%)

1. Under 13 (8 - 1%)
2. 13-19 (15 - 3%)
3. 20-29 (55 - 10%)
4. 30-39 (202 - 36%)
5. 40-49 (157 - 28%)
6. 50-59 (72 - 13%)
7. 60-69 (18 - 3%)
8. 70-79 (5 - 1%)
9. 80-89 (1 - 0%)
10. 90-99 (1 - 0%)

How long have you been letterboxing?
1. Less than a month (10 - 2%)
2. More than a month, less than a year (162 - 29%)
3. From 1 to 2 years (164 - 29%)
4. From 2 to 5 years (179 - 32%)
5. More than 5 years (37 - 7%)
6. I don't remember.... (7 - 1%)

What would you most like to see?
1. Ryan in a dunk tank (38 - 7%)
2. Amanda as your flight attendant (96 - 17%)
3. A secret AQ board that nobody else knows about (64 - 11%)
4. A taser hooked up to a box that zaps people who do not rehide boxes well (253 - 45%)
5. Can't decide (108 - 19%)

Number of people who told me I spelled "flight attendent" wrong: Zero. =)

I'll add some commentary now.... The option to hide finds and attempts on your plants has increased in support--but it's still a long way from happening. The folks that DO NOT want this option, however, have fallen below that 50% mark. They no longer have a real majority anymore. Last time, 59% of everyone did not want that as an option. That's quite a drop, and might be worth another vote to see if views have changed in another year or so.

Blue diamonds--support for them has actually increased quite significantly. At the last vote, yeas outnumbered nays by 2 to 1. This time, it's 4 to 1. I'm thinking future votes on this topic will likely be a waste of time, but I certainly have no issue reexamining the issue later if I suspect the mood has shifted down again. Why support for the option has increased--I don't really know. *shrug* There could be a number of reasons, in fact, there probably ARE a number of reasons, but it looks like blue diamonds are here to stay.

As for male vs. female, I expected those of the fairer sex outnumbered us me, but I was surprised they did so by such a huge margin! There are more men on AQ sharing an account with their better half than there are single men with their own account. This, I suspect, is good news for single men. ;o) I kind of wonder how many of those "couple accounts" are really driven by women with men in the passenger seat. In any case, men are definitely a minority in this community!

Age of letterboxers--no real surprises here. Most folks are between 30 and 50, and the numbers drop off fast outside of that range. Eight young folks are even willing to admit breaking the terms of service on Atlas Quest which says you must be 13 years or older to have an account. I assume their parents are answering the questions for them, though. =)

The average time people have been letterboxing is about one to two years. I actually expected it to be less than that given the growth of the hobby, but the results weren't exactly shocking either.

As for what you would most like to see, you appear to be a violent bunch of people when it comes to protecting your letterboxes with a whopping 64% of people wanting to taser people who don't rehide boxes well. =) Amanda thinks you 96 people who's like to see her as your flight attendant can charter a flight--perhaps to Dartmoor--and she'll be happy to serve you. =)

Want to add your own commentary, rant about the results, or say your peace, use the main Atlas Quest board. After all, this is an Atlas Quest election!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for revisiting these issues. Next time around you might want to see how many are planters (by numbers planted) and how many think of themselves as finders.
Hopefully this comment won't make it to any board and start a huge discussion regarding one over the other.It isn't meant that way, but you might want to know where folks are coming from.


Anonymous said...

Definitely, thank you Ryan! As to blue diamonds, the ones I have followed truly deserve their acclaim! I really can't understand what would drive a negative opinion. As the number of boxes grows, and the amount of time available to LB shrinks, it's nice to have a reliable way to find truly wonderful areas to visit.

Anyway, thanks for asking! ...and definitely work on the taser, k? :)

Anonymous said...

"As the number of boxes grows, and the amount of time available to LB shrinks, it's nice to have" an additional way to figure out if a letterbox is suited to our time and money (specifically gas money) - thanks everyone for voting for the finds and attempts list and for the Blue Diamonds.

Anonymous said...

I know you probably can't tell us, but I'd love to know who the 80+ and 90+ year old are. How wonderful is that? :-)

Anonymous said...

You did not count my proper age - 100+. If you read my Mt. Diablo Series clue you'll know the year I was born, but this will not account for my actual age. I have time traveled since I was 22. I am however over 100. Did you know Yoda was over 900 years old when he moved to the next level of the force.

Your Humble Servant,

Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps, Ryan, for all your diligence in making AQ such a valuable site and community, and for wanting it to be our site as much as yours.

Anonymous said...

Even though I am a relative newbie to the sport, I have seen several boxes re-hid poorly, improperly irreverently,discourteously . . . BRING ON THE TASERS!!!!!

Piper said...

It's so interesting to see this AQ community breakdown. I'd like to see a more detailed poll with preferences for finding as opposed to planting, for carving as opposed to stamping and for real boxes as opposed to postals. Really interesting stuff here! ~ Piper on the Trail