Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Important Message for AQ Members!

Just so everyone knows what's going on, I got some bad news not too long ago, telling me that the IP address that Atlas Quest uses is going to be changed whether I like it or not. I don't really understand what's wrong with this one I've been using for the last two years--I'm rather fond of it, actually--but the IP address has to change. If I don't update the server to use these new IP addresses, Atlas Quest will stop working on December 1st. Actually, the site will still work--it's just that nobody will be able to connect to it anymore, so the result is the same. *shrug*

I've downloaded a little form about how to do so, which I'm about to start following through with now. But I've never had to update the IP address for AQ before, and it's entirely possible I could screw something up along the way. Or maybe the IP address for AQ will need time to propagate throughout the Internet, so the site might be inaccessible for a day or two. Or maybe any number of problems. I've never done this before, though, so I'm not all sure what might happen.

So.... You might want to keep track of a couple of IP addresses for the next couple of days to make sure you can keep accessing this site. The old IP address is you find yourself unable to connect to AQ, try typing the IP address directly into the web browser. If that does work, give the new IP address a try. It's I tried typing them both into my web browser, and they both seemed to work just fine. Eventually the old number will stop working completely. I hope the new number continues to work throughout the whole migration process. =)

Wish me luck! Sorry if this causes any downtime, but I figure better a little downtime now than a LOT of downtime come December 1st. I don't expect AQ to be down any longer than it takes to restart the server, but when it comes to domain names and IP addresses, it could take a couple of days for everything to get straightened out completely.


Anonymous said...

Wow tough task there ryan ! I do wish you luck ! It would scare the begebbies out of me !So i printed out the page with isp on it !
Alice /wildcat

Mark and Sue said...

Good luck, GT.
See what happens when you visit Maine and loose your sig stamp???

Does this mean all of my AQ links will no longer work???

Ryan said...

I actually found out that I'd need to change the IP address before I headed off to Maine, and only found out what the new IP numbers were the day before I flew out. I didn't want to mess anything up before flying out there, however, so I waited until I got back before I started the changeover.

As for breaking AQ links--in theory, they should continue working just fine. In practice, it's possible they could break for up to a day or two--at least until the new IP addresses propagate fully throughout the Internet. There's nothing you have to change or update, though. Ideally, there won't be any downtime, and even if there is, it'll work itself out automatically.