Saturday, May 19, 2007

Plant-a-Letterbox Day is around the corner!

Yes, the 2nd annual International Plant-a-Letterbox day is just around the corner. Next Thursday, May 24th, to be exact. Last year, was thrown together at the last minute, all in a feeble attempt to crash Atlas Quest. ;o)

This year is a bit more organized, even including an event listing for your planting pleasures. Additionally, for those who want to follow minute by minute with the number of boxes being planted and how many people are planting, I've created the official Plant-a-Letterbox Day page on Atlas Quest. The countdown has started. Just 390,530 more seconds before the event begins, at least at the time I write this.

Some of the eagle-eyed readers out there may notice that the numbers won't necessarily match the What's New? list. The What's new list is based on the most recently listed letterboxes, while the Plant-a-Letterbox page is only counting the boxes as being planted on May 24th. So technically, even if you plant your letterbox on the 24th but don't have a chance to list it until the 25th, it would still count towards Plant-a-Box day.

For those of you wondering about the discrepancies between last year's counts that I announced last year and the counts listed on the Plant-a-Box page, I've counted only boxes that were planted on May 24th of last year to be consistent with how the numbers are counted this year. Last year, I added both the boxes that were listed on May 24th and those that were planted on May 24th, and those were the numbers I announced. To simply the counting this year, I'm only counting boxes based on the plant date and not the listing date.

Did that make sense? The listing date is the date a box is listed on Atlas Quest while the plant date is specified by the person who listed the box and is supposed to be the actual day the box was put into place. Two dates, same box, but this year, it's the plant date that counts. If you're planting a box for Plant-a-Box day, be sure the plant date is May 24th.

Now.... I need to get cracking myself. I haven't carved any stamps or found any hiding places for my contributions this year, and OH MY GOSH! I'm down to 389,578 seconds before the 2nd annual International Plant-a-Letterbox Day is here!

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