Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hacking Accounts, Part III

What a firestorm of suggestions I've gotten since my second post about hacking accounts, many of them very good. The months of the year, hobbies, religious themes, and I even tried a couple of very UN-religious words to hack into accounts, and they're all working. Three people even use 'geocache' as their password!

Growing tired of trying all of these excellent suggestions myself, I've now automated the process. Want to play Guess that Password? Now you can.

So far, we've been able to "hack" into about 10% of the accounts on Atlas Quest. Have you chosen a poor password? Change it now. Really. Chances are, nobody is trying to break into your account, but it only takes one person to make your life miserable. Choose good passwords. It's worth the extra thought.


Kaaren said...





Popcorn (5)

This is fun!

Anonymous said...

Okay i tried... Marjorie and no one is using it. OMG why not??? i think i will. Or not. But i will try more. Thanx for the great idea Ryan! Now i can occupy my time looking for passwords when i should be carving.

Chunna said...

hehe, well I use my 'pet's' name but I doubt it will ever be 'hacked'

Anonymous said...

Just been looking at the adds that Google is setting up on your blog site. Poor Google, it doesn't really stand a chance of finding something relevant does it! lol.


Anonymous said...

nobody is using greentortuga or

Anonymous said...

This is too much fun!
familyfun (3)
music (3)
tigger (11)
poohbear (4)

Anonymous said...

Nobody is using green tortuga or ryancarpenter as passwords BUT...
...someone IS using goober! ;)

Anon said...

3 people are using chocolate as a password.

2 people are using coffee as a password.

3 people are using icecream as a password.

3 people are using backpack as a password.

2 people are using yellow as a password.

13 people are using purple as a password.

2 people are using green as a password.

3 people are using rainbow as a password.

4 people are using harley as a password.

6 people are using mustang as a password.

3 people are using remember as a password.

Some of these are so easy it is funny!

Anonymous said...

Then, there are letterboxing related things like:

hiking - 9
hiker - 1
clues - 1
questing - 2
treasure - 5
puzzle - 1

And just for fun, I tried 'america' and got another 2. :)


Anonymous said...

Oooh! Paydirt on state names, too...
Okay, back to work now! ;-)

Anonymous said...

4 people are using qwerty :)

This is fun!

Anonymous said...

I got into this late but
starwars (3)
hello (6)
mother (3)
grandma (2)
****** (2) <--someone shares my password! adding numbers and symbols right now :)

only one hit but still funny:

Anonymous said...

I'll spare you the list, but with 15 words, I got over 45 hits. Sports teams and vehicles are big too, it seems. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great toy!

Someone is using my trailname as their password and it's not me--that's fun.

IC Music Lovers said...

5 people are using penguin as a password. Just Wow