Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Cranmere Day!

Today, as only you folks with AQ calendars probably realize, is Cranmere Day. And even those people are probably looking at the calendar wondering.... What the heck is Cranmere Day? Wonder no more!

Cranmere Day was first held on May 8, 1937, to dedicate the new structure for the Cranmere Pool letterbox. It was a grand event where the letterboxing celebrities of the day waded out to the world's first letterbox.

I first learned about Cranmere Day last year while trekking around Dartmoor, but it wasn't until I created last year's Atlas Quest calendar when I started thinking about what sort of letterboxing holidays we had and I decided to revive this particular one. Mostly because I enjoyed the story behind Cranmere Day than the fact it has any real significance.

I posted an excerpt about that first Cranmere Day back in 1937. Seventy years would pass before Cranmere Day was celebrated again, so in honor of the second Cranmere Day, go find a letterbox. Sprinkle some leaves and dirt over it, and remember those pioneers that started letterboxing.

Additionally, for TODAY only, everyone can record all their finds, including finds on unlisted letterboxes. Just record a find like you normally would, but scroll past the list of listed letterboxes to the list of unlisted boxes and add your own today.

Happy Cranmere Day!

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Anonymous said...

Happy CD to you to. Thanx for the gift of unlisted.