Monday, February 19, 2024

The Sun and Moon Tango!

It's that time of year again.... eclipse time! On April 8th, a solar eclipse will cross through North America, cutting through Mexico and entering the United States in Texas, sweeping through the country out toward Maine and even a tiny little bit in Canada.

And it's not just any solar eclipse, but this is the much more rare and far more spectacular total solar eclipse! It is, perhaps, the most most amazing and heavenly natural phenomenon you'll ever see! If you don't believe me, ask someone who witnessed the last one in the United States back in 2017. (I have a hunch that a large number of people who saw the 2017 eclipse might make a special point of checking out this year's eclipse!)

During totality, on that narrow line where the moon completely covers the surface of the moon, it is safe to view the eclipse with absolutely no eye protected at all. Depending on your exact location, the amount of time you can watch without eye protection is about 4 1/2 minutes or less. The closer to Mexico you are, the longer totality will last. But the couple of hours leading up to totality and the couple of hours after totality, when it is only a partial eclipse, you'll need eye protection, and these eclipse glasses can get the job done.

And we've got officially-sanctioned eclipse glasses for sale in the AQ Marketplace!

It's well worth making a special trip to see this eclipse if you've never stood in the path of totality before. It's really one of those experiences that everyone should experience at least once your life, and the next total solar eclipse will not happen in the United States for another TWENTY YEARS! Even then it barely grazes the country near North Dakota. (Although one year after that, on August 12, 2045, we'll get a good total solar eclipse that will span from coast-to-coast. Disney, I'm sure, is already planning major festivities in Orlando for the event!) But regardless, it'll be a long wait to see another total solar eclipse in our proverbial backyards, so now's the time to experience it!

If you saw the annular eclipse last October and thought, "It was interesting, but not that cool," totality is a totally different experience! It's night and day different! An annular eclipse is still quite interesting and fun to watch (I did!), but don't think for a second that you got 99% of the experience of totality. You got maybe 5% of the experience! Maybe less. Heck, there were people around us during the annular eclipse who didn't even seem to realize that an eclipse was going on but I can assure you--nobody overlooks a total solar eclipse! 

Although you can only see totality from a very narrow strip of area cutting through America, a partial eclipse will still be visible from the entire contiguous United States, so the eclipse glasses can still be useful for pretty much everyone. It won't be the eye-popping amazing experience of totality, but if you'd like to watch some of the eclipse anyhow.... you'll need eye protection, and we've got it. =)

Assuming I don't sell out of the eclipse glasses before then, I'll stop selling them on AQ about a week before the eclipse so (hopefully) all orders have a chance to make it to their destinations before the main event. So they'll only be available in the AQ marketplace for just over a month.... but I'd urge you to order as early as possible. If your order doesn't arrive as quickly as expected, I can still send out a replacement order in time for the eclipse. If you order only a week before the event and the order gets lost in the mail.... it might be too late to get a new order in time!

Be ready for that moment when the sun and moon dance the tango! Order your eclipse glasses today!

Okay, I'll have to admit, I had AI generate an image of the sun and moon dancing the salsa to get this image.... but the first image was the AI's take on dancing the tango! AI is fun.... =)

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