Saturday, February 10, 2024

Bored? Want to waste a little time?

"I am soooo bored, I might take a nap."

I know what you're thinking.... how can anyone be bored with all those letterboxes left to be found? And you make a good point, but it still happens! Maybe it's late at night and your eyes are blurry from carving by the dim light with a magnifying class. But somehow, someway, you wind up bored with nothing to do.

AQ has the solution! Yes, there's a new widget called the I... Am... Soooo.... Bored... widget, and it'll suggest random things that you can do!

They might be silly, they might be difficult, they might be expensive or otherwise impractical, but these aren't things you have to do--just suggestions for things you might want to do. And if you don't like a suggestion, just spin the wheel and check out a different one!

For instance, here's a few suggestions you might get:

  • Type your full name with your nose.
  • uʍop ǝpᴉsdn pɐǝɹ oʇ uɹɐǝ˥
  • Write a note of appreciation to someone
  • Or, perhaps my favorite: Go for a walk

If that isn't convincing you, it'll also mention that Wassa has been helping with testing and suggestions, so the widget is officially Wassa approved with such ringing endorsements as "I'm kinda loving this stupid little project" and "I find it oddly compelling, overall." With endorsements like that, how can you say no?!

It will be a premium member perk because really, it's not needed. Like, at all.... For anyone. Just a little fun that premium members help make possible.

Ready to check out the latest and greatest widget ever? Go to the Add Widgets section of My Page and find the Bored widget. You won't be disappointed! (But if you are, just do some of the activities it suggests and you'll forget all about being disappointed.)

May your boredom vanish like a ninja into a misty forest on a moonless night!

"You can't see me..."

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