Thursday, August 31, 2023

More restrictions! MUHAHAHaHahahahaha!!!!!

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For some of you using the website yesterday, you might have noticed a sudden surge of "unauthorized" boxes. That was a bug that I accidentally introduced while updating code for the real improvement.... which is a new type of restriction!

Because if there's one thing everyone wants, it's more restricted boxes. =)

Well, okay, that might not be exactly true.... however, planters tend to like more options for restricting boxes, and I've added a new one! The first new restriction that's been added in years!

It is now possible to restrict boxes to just those people who are signed up for a specific event! If you add or edit a box, in the restrictions section, you'll now see an option for a "parent event" restriction. If you set it, only people who are confirmed signups for the specified event will see your box in the search results. (Assuming of course, they meet any other restrictions you might have added to the box.)

This is a great option for those who are planting temporary boxes that are available just at the event. No reason to bother everyone else on the website with boxes they can't find. It's not required that you restrict temporary boxes for events, but it's an option.

But that's not all! Nooo.... I went crazy and added the same restriction option for events and trackers as well!

You might be thinking... why in the world would you want to restrict an event to people attending an event? That makes no sense at all, right? WRONG!

What if, for instance, there are sub-events for the main event? Or pre- or post- events before or after the main show? And maybe those sub-events are only for those who are signed up for the main event. Now you can restrict them to only those with confirmed signups for the main event!

AQ will even allow you to restrict an event to people signed up for that same event.... you might think there's a recursive problem here. How can people sign up for an event that they are restricted from because they aren't signed up for it? In that case, it might be that the owner of the event wants to add people manually after they've been approved. (Perhaps they paid whatever fee was involved, or it's a WOM event.) You can't add  yourself to the event, but as soon as an admin or the owner of the event does, you'll automatically be able to see the event listing.

And even trackers can be limited to those who are signed up for specific events. Honestly, I'm not really sure of a good  use case for this scenario, but it was relatively easy to add simply by reusing the code I wrote for boxes and events. Perhaps someone is going to create an LTC tracker for use at an event, though, and now they can limit access to the tracker to those who are signed up for said event.

In any case, enjoy! I'm sure you'll think of all sorts of new ways to use the restrictions that I never even thought of! =)


Sudoku Crazy said...

I like this. I had a secret birthday party for airstream dreams and this would have been very helpful!

Anonymous said...

Ok, some boxes are listed for the event and then permanently planted/listed. If you are not signed up for the event, how would you be able to find/see/log these boxes?

There are people that sign up, but never attend.........that has an impact on the purpose of this restriction as well.

Ryan said...

If the boxes are permanently planted/listed, then I wouldn't suggest restricting the boxes just to people who signed up for the event. That's just a stupid thing for someone to do.

That's like pointing out that if you add an F-100 restriction to a box, then people who don't have 100 finds can't see the box. Yeah... that's kind of the point. If you want people with sub-100 finds to find the box, then don't add that restriction.

And if someone signed up for an event but never attended.... who cares? They'll be able to access the box listings and it can clutter up their search results with boxes that are no longer available, but that's their problem, not yours. The point of this restriction isn't to "hide" boxes so nobody knows about them--it's just to not bother people with boxes they can't find.

If you want to manually approve every single person who can see a box listing to only those who attended an event, then keep a whitelist of all actual attendees and add a whitelist restriction instead. But what kind of box is so secretive that only actual attendees of the event should even know about its existence after the fact? I've never heard of such a box, but you'll want to use a whitelist if that's what you're going for and manually update it with each attendee who can see the box.