Friday, September 01, 2023

Click bait here! You won't believe what happens next!

Photo taken by Thunderbird for
the 2012 annular eclipse
As some of you might know, there is a looming crisis. An solar eclipse is headed to America. It's expected to hit the shores United States on October 14th, and nobody will be spared from its wrath. Well, perhaps those in Alaska or Hawaii... but for everyone else.... Millions of people around the country will start looking at the sky--even looking directly at the sun. Without proper eye protection, this can lead to permanent blindness and even death. Well, okay, maybe not death, but I said this was click-bait, so I have to exaggerate and make false claims. But permanent blindness is certainly possible. You may have noticed--the sun is pretty bright.

This is not just any average eclipse, either. No..... This will be an annular eclipse. The proverbial Ring of Fire. The moon, alas, will be too small to completely cover the moon so this isn't technically a total solar eclipse--however  the moon will cross directly over the middle of the sun so at its peak, you'll see a ring of fire completely surrounding the moon.

While the eclipse will be visible (weather permitting) to everyone in the contiguous United States, not everyone will be able to see the ring of fire. You'll need to be on a thin line, maybe a 100 miles wide, that slashes across the western United States in order to see that particular phenomena. It'll run through Oregon, touch the corners of California and Idaho, dive deep into Nevada and Utah, clip the corners of Arizona and Colorado before cutting through the heart of New Mexico and deep into Texas. It'll continue onward, running through Central and South America, but I'm assuming that there won't be many people from those areas reading this blog.

Outside of that thin line, every location within the contiguous United States will see some sort of partial eclipse. Most of the country can see at least 50% of the sun covered.

With these stylish shades, you can safely watch the solar eclipse happening on October 14th.

Do you want to watch this marvelous dance of celestial worlds? Then buy your eclipse shades from the AQ Marketplace now! With these fashionable eclipse glasses, you can safely watch the eclipse directly, perhaps while out letterboxing at the same time. They filter out 100% of the harmful ultraviolet, 100% of the harmful infrared, and 99.999% of intense visible light. They're sold in sets of 3--perfect to share with a friend or two. Or maybe your family. It's up to you! Or sell any extras for a fat profit to your enemies and/or co-workers. 

Come the day of the eclipse, there will probably be plenty of people desperate to acquire these glasses after procrastinating until it was too late and price-gouging is rampant. Don't let this happen to you! Another reason not to procrastinate.... they'll only be in the AQ marketplace while supplies last. Once we run out, that'll probably be the last of them since it's unlikely I could reorder another batch before the eclipse. (I'll also take them out of the AQ Marketplace about a week before the eclipse if any are left so nobody can order them at the last minute. The post office takes time!)

Want to learn more about the upcoming eclipse? Check out NASA's page about October 14, 2023, Solar Eclipse. Or check out this eclipse simulator.

Photo of previous satisfied customers from the 2012 annular eclipse--even if they aren't actually wearing their eclipse glasses in the photo! But they have them! Photo by Makita.

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