Sunday, March 31, 2013

Baking Your Own Carving Block!

Marjorie turned out to be NO help AT ALL....
*shaking head*
Perhaps you've noticed the devastation our community has experienced due to the poor quality of pink stuff. A pink stuff shortage--at least a shortage of the good pink stuff--is a fate I would not wish on my worst enemies!

Well, I've got good news for you. About a year ago, I happened to learn that the pink stuff can melt. I won't get into that murky little story, but it got me experimenting. I started saving the shavings from my carvings and asking Amanda to do the same. I just didn't want to waste the shavings and figured it would be great if I could somehow reuse them.

It took quite a few months to get enough shavings to have something to experiment with, though. And I'd get one test before I needed to wait a few more months before I had enough material to work another experiment.

A painstakingly slow process, to say the least!

Then came the bad pink stuff. I bought some, and continued my experiments. And the results were surprising--after baking the pink stuff and it re-hardened, it actually carved a lot better and became less brittle!

Anyhow, at long last, the tutorial for baking your own carving blocks is up and ready for your viewing pleasure! Not only will you now have something to do with all those shavings from your carves, but you can turn that bad carving stuff into some quality material!

Let us know how yours turns out on the message boards!


Anonymous said...

Great job Ryan and Amanda. This is very good and interesting information!


Anonymous said...

Pulling out the baking sheets now. Thanks for doing the hard part Ryan!

~Muddy Paws

Raine said...

wicked cool!!


Papercrafts by Cindyellen said...

BRILLIANT!! i can't TELL you how many teeny tiny little bits of pink stuff i have left - or other bits of carving stuff. i am so trying this!

Guzzelin' Gal said...

Cool, I wish I hadn't got rid of the big pile of tiny pieces, that weren't big enough to carve on, a couple months ago.

Unknown said...

It occurred to me that you might even be able to make an impression of something into the cooling mass.
Could make for an interesting stamp if it had a pre-textured finish of some sort.

Anonymous said...

Is this a day early?

Anonymous said...

You're KIDDING! Especially the part about DEET. Very suspicious timing - are you sure this wasn't supposed to be posted on April 1st?