Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Hugs and Notes

If you've logged into Atlas Quest lately, you may have noticed a "hug counter" in the top-left corner of the page. I got in my head the curious thought about how many times my posts have been hugged, and decided to run it through the database to find out. =)

I'm not sure if I'll keep that number in the corner permanently or not. On the plus side, it doesn't really displace anything of "real importance," but on the minus end of thing, it serves no functional purpose either. What's your opinion? Keep it, or cut it?

I'm not naming names, but if you're curious, the most hugged person on Atlas Quest has received 11,197 hugs as I type this. By comparison, I've received a lowly 4,589 hugs.

In other news, I've added a new icon to the standard list of member icons, so by trail names you'll see four icons: view profile, contact member, view logbook, and "My Notes." The notes feature isn't new--being able to read and edit them from nearly anywhere you see a person's trail name is new. Whenever you want to jot something down about this person--an address, an e-mail address, their interests, or anything else you want to keep track about a person, you can add it quickly with the click of an icon.

Happy trails!


Unknown said...

My opinion:

Hug feature SUCKS! Now you are just encouraging folks to harrassment me with more of those blasted hugs! I'm the one with the 11,197 hugs! Really you need to give me the name of that person that talked you into that feature.

Note feature next to the name ROCKS!
That makes it sooo much easier to keep track of addresses. I've just been archiving them in my e-mail. Now I can go in and clean out that. Can you talk Facebook into adding a notes feature like that so I can add the trailnames to the real names over there? :)

The Wolf Family

Lone R said...

Love the note feature!

Gotta go on Yakking It Up and mention my paper cut....I need more hugs, I have less then 300.

veganf said...

I think it should just be a cute Valentine's thing.

Mama Cache said...

The notes icon is really helpful, Ryan. Thanks.

Steve, Christa, Emily, Meghan, Charles & Elizabeth said...

I have 10 hugs!!! that amazes me because I really don't post that much.

Ezmerelda of AQ and LbNA said...

The hugs thing is kind of cool. I only have 49 though boooooo. I rarely post anything though.
I also like the notes feature by the trail name.

Hornicorn said...

I love being able to access the notes feature from just about anywhere. It has been handy to put notes on someone's profile and now it will just be easier.

I think we should keep the hugs counter just so Mama Wolf knows just how many she has!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ryan.. love the new "note" icon. Makes it so much easier to use.
Doesn't matter about the hug count to me.. I got over 800 and I know that many people don't love me enough to hug me.

Anonymous said...

I love them both!
That's +1 more (hug) to Ryan

MamaMir said...

So can people hug themselves? And if so, do we call it "masterhugging"?

DIXIE said...

*hugs* to Ryan

I think you found a good place for the hug count. If someone doesn't like is VERY easy to just ignore it's there. I think it was certainly worth putting it up just to get a rowl outta Wolf. LOL

Love the notes feature too!
It's gonna be very useful!

Anonymous said...

I love them both...the HUG feature can be ignored by those that don't care for it and it doesn't take from anything on the page. The NOTES option is really great. Now I can clean off my computer desktop and add addresses right to the AQ website :o)

I promise to give you more hugs so you don't feel so left out and of course Mama Wolf will get more virtual hugs and REAL hugs too :o)


Anonymous said...

I don't like it!!!! Is there a way to remove it??? PLEASE??

Anonymous said...

I like the hugs AND the notes.
Thank you, Ryan!


Unknown said...

For the record, the anonymous source asking for the removal of the Hug Count is not me.

I joke about the hug thing, but I honestly cannot understand how that tiny writing up in the left hand corner really bothers anything. I would not have even noticed it if it was not pointed out. There's really not even a reason to look up there.

I suppose there will always be someone bothered by even the slightest changes.

Really, it makes no difference at all to me whether it stays or goes. I found it rather amusing (which is how it was meant, I'm sure).

The Wolf Family

Lone R said...

I'd like to see my 'Reaction button' stats in my Stats page. That would be fun to check on every once in awhile.

Anonymous said...

I like the note but not the hug counter. This boxer has 10 hugs and this boxer has 2,000, who is the popular one? Not hard to figure out is it. Just like school isn't it?

The hug button reminds me of a
Letterboxing event where the popular ones are asked to take part in the "game" and the host thinks its fun and has no clue that feelings are hurt.

Anonymous said...


Goofy girl

Ryan said...

For those of you who feel hurt that you don't have a lot of hugs--it's not a matter of how popular you are (or are not). It's mostly a matter of how often you post. If you don't post often, you can't be hugged often.

Anonymous said...

Haha--I'm allergic to warm fuzzies..I think it's great, Ryan! :-p

Caitlin T. said...

Could the hugs display be user-optional, maybe? Some of us are just there for letterboxing, and don't care about imaginary hugs.

AFF said...

I'd love to see all the stats up there. It's nice to know you're being hugged but it'd be nice to know people agree with you or think you're funny... or if they think you're dumb, too.

Seatte Bound said...

Love the notes feature...very handy for postals and LTC's. Also love the hug counter...we all need to be reminded every ow and then that people care. Okay...enough mush. Off to torment Mama Wolf!

Lone R said...

"I'd like to see my 'Reaction button' stats in my Stats page. That would be fun to check on every once in awhile."

Thanks Ryan. :)

Teresa said...

Perhaps it's more important how many hugs a person gives others than how many they receive?

Unknown said...

Actually when I found AQ, trying to keep up with who's who I wonder why in the world didn't they have it easier to have a note by their profile. SO RYAN I love it. For the hugs I like seeing all the ones getting so many cute idea also. NOW I was reading all the comments here, people saying aw I only have so many hugs. I did not know you can tell how many hugs you get so I must be the one that has the most LOLOL. NAH I COULDN'T EVEN GUESS,OK I could guess a few that is the winner of hugs. Just tell me where I see mine. NO one go look at mine it's none of your business that I don't have any. The one's that the counter of hugs in the corner bugs them well that's what you need bugs instead of hugs. Come on people what is important in your life.