Saturday, October 04, 2008

Wanna Chat?

Chat rooms have invaded Atlas Quest! Addicting, so terribly, terribly addicting. For the past week or so, premium members have been chatting it up in the new chat rooms I've been developing, testing the system, tweaking, testing some more, tweaking some more.... And I've finally opened it for the world at large. Or rather, any registered Atlas Quest member. If you aren't a member, you'll have to use chat rooms somewhere else. Or just create an account--you'll be glad you did! I hope you will be glad, at least. =)

You can find a link to the chat rooms under the 'Toolbox' menubar option.

There are some important caveats you should know about. First, if you're using IE6--and I checked a couple of days ago, and about 15% of you out there are still using IE6--you *can* use the chat rooms, but it's ugly, hard to use, and not recommended. I'd suggest either upgrading to IE7 or start using the Firebox browser (my personal favorite!)

Second, these chat rooms can easily overload the server if too many people start using them at once, so there are limits to how many people are allowed to use it at once: 15 people per room or 50 people in all rooms. Not to mention that you can only use one chat room at a time yourself. The limits may be extended in the future, but it is entirely possible when there's a lot of chatting going on, you may have to wait your turn to get into a room. The current limits should be sufficient for everyone most of the time, but during really busy times--you could hit against them. Just try again later.

The chat rooms are wonderful, though. There's instant gratification like you'll find nowhere else on Atlas Quest. Meet with friends, troubleshoot problems, have a sing-along, or discuss issues in a much more intimate setting than the message boards. You're still expected to conduct yourself properly (the terms of service still apply even in the chat rooms), but nobody outside a given room will be able to read your chat logs later. Well, admins can if a problem is brought to their attention, but we really don't want to.

So when you get a chance, drop by a chat room and meet your fellow letterboxers. You might have fun! =)

Main Chat Room Page
Chat Room FAQs


Anonymous said...

Yes, by all means, join up, was such fun last night, lots of people joined in, in and out, in and out, lol, new things are fun, find out for yourself!!
Okie Dog

~zess~ said...

Yup...good times! It's fun to chat w/folks who's trailnames I've seen over & over, and also for some unfamiliar ones. But boy, beware! Only go in if you can afford to stay "stuck" there for a LOOOONG time. It's hard to leave. Thanks again, Ryan for a whole new way to forge letterboxing friendships.

Anonymous said...

Ryan--you've really been working hard on the chat rooms! So many improvements. (I even see you did get that doorbell feature in) Thanks! Terrio

babycakes said...
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