Friday, October 24, 2008

Help Your Fellow Letterboxers!

Curse my absent-minded ways! I should have posted this long ago and I totally spaced it. *slap self* Wasn't until I started catching up on old e-mails I noticed this poor note with the time ticking away.

So here's the story, in case you missed it. The LUNA Crew has fallen into some tough times. Emotional, economical, you name it, they've suffered. Brandy posted details about their hardships and about a fundraising party to help out. Brandy's offered to carve pumpkins to help out, although I'm afraid I might be posting this a bit too late at this point. If you're interested, though, please contact her ASAP!

If there's anything you can do to help out, let Brandy know. She'll vouch for me--I'm a terrible messenger. You definitely don't want to give messages to me! =)

To borrow and twist a phrase from Mark, get out and save a letterboxer!


Anonymous said...

We finally have a paypal account set up to help the Luna Crew. Go to and please send your donation to As some of you may not know...Frank was injured in the line of work and is unable to work or earn overtime as he usually does....putting a tremendous financial burden on the family. This family is well known for their extensive volunteer work as adoptive parents, Juvenile diabetes fundraisers, volunteer for youth groups and they have one of the greatest Halloween neighborhood displays EVER...totally put together by Frank and his family...and now they need help themselves! No donation is too small. Skip a cup of Starbucks and help out before the end of the month. We are on a deadline!

Thank you all in advance for your generousity! Be sure to pass this on!

LW Phd
"Nice Counts"

Anonymous said...

I've made a contribution since I don't know if I will be able to make it tomorrow night to the fundraising party.....

Come on everyone! Help a wonderful family in need!

Music Woman