Friday, August 31, 2007

Twelve More Hours!

Yes, folks, just twelve more hours to get your Project X submissions in for the official 2008 Atlas Quest letterboxing calendar! Actually, I won't start picking out photos until I wake up tomorrow (Saturday) morning, so technically speaking, you could upload photos in the early morning hours tomorrow and I'll still take them. The official cut-off date, however, is the end of day today, Pacific time.

Another hundred or so submissions have been added in the last week--including a few of my own photos from my WTA work parties that I uploaded yesterday. Yes, even I must follow the same uploading process that the rest of you folks do! =)

Looking through the photos, it looks like this year might be tougher than ever picking out the best photos for inclusion, with about twice the number of submissions as last year's calendar had! But you know, that's a good problem to have. *nodding*

Winners will be announced.... hopefully within a week or so, but there's no set date. Whenever the calendar is done, which I expect will take about a week.

Sunsets, waterfalls, crashing waves, flowers, birds.... excellent. Photos of skorts, "letterboxers gone wild," laminated testicles, and Chadams will not be used. ;o)


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could use some of the "rejected" photos for new "ads" on AQ. I'm really curious about the "laminated testicles" one.

Eidolon said...
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Eidolon said...

So you don't want my picture of chadams' laminated tesicles hanging down below his skort?!? NOW what am I supposed to do with it?

dee123 said...

Hey Ryan,

Just a thought, but what if you had a collage of photos for each month instead of only one photo? Don't know if this would appeal to others or if it is even doable, like I said, just a thought.