Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ten more days! The countdown has started!

Yes, folks, it's that time of year again. The summer is coming to an end. Kids are going to school. And the deadline for submitting photos for consideration in the annual AQ calendar is just TEN DAYS AWAY! At the end of the month, that's it! As of this minute, there are about 332 photos that have been uploaded for consideration, but there's always room for more! That means, if I had to create the calendar today, approximately 3.6% of the submitted photos WILL be used to grace a month for 2008. Okay, perhaps you think those odds are pretty low, but consider this: It's still better than the lottery. At least your chances of "winning" are better than being struck by lightning, which is more than the lottery folks can say. =)

On September 1st, after waking up and checking my AQ mail, I'll start sorting through all the photos, searching for interesting and uplifting quotes to go with them, and start creating the official 2008 Atlas Quest letterboxing calendar. Final results will be released.... well.... whenever I'm done. Probably within a week. Almost certainly within two. I expect they'll be ready for sale sometime near the end of September, though, after I have one copy of the calendar sent to me as a proof to make sure it's everything I expect and want it to be. (That usually takes a couple of weeks to print a copy and have it shipped to me.) Once it gets my seal of approval, it'll be ready for sale.

For now, though, submit your photos today!

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