Friday, June 29, 2007

The Most Popular Letterboxing Blogs

It's been a few weeks since I rolled out the new and improved blogging feature on Atlas Quest, and it looks like quite a few of you have been making use of it.

This blog, I'm happy to report, has the most subscribers, although 12 people have decided that my musings were not important enough to read and will not be seeing this post.

THAT'S OKAY, though! I'm not bitter in the least. After all, I do have the world's most popular letterboxing blog. =)

Yeah, I know, it's not really a fair comparison. After all, every new member on Atlas Quest is automatically subscribed to it. On top of that, it's a blog with news, trivia, and information about Atlas Quest that you can get from no where else. Even those who aren't inclined to read my musings might at least want to know that I'm musing.

This is a State of the Blog Address. Atlas Quest keeps track of subscriptions, but until there are at least 50 subscribers to the blog, the exact number of subscribers is kept secret. Mostly for the sake of harmony. I don't want people to get hurt feelings if more people subscribe to someone else's blog than your own, or be disappointed if only two other people subscribe to your newest blog a day after you list it. I figure by the time a blog has 50 subscribers, that's pretty darned good.

My own blog, And I Will Say It Again.... is the first to break that 50 subscriber number. No, I'm not bragging, but rather I wanted to point out that even a 'celebrity' like me only has 50 subscribers when the auto-subscriptions aren't helping out the subscription counts. My Walking SLO blog only has 26 subscribers. So there are at least 24 people who looked at all of my available blogs and decided that Walking SLO had no interest for them.

But back to the subject at hand--my mind is wandering, as it often does. =)

Perhaps you haven't explored the blogging feature, or aren't sure which of the 62 blogs would most likely interest you. So I thought I'd point out some of the more popular blogs that people have signed up for. Perhaps one or more of them will interest you.

The following blogs are in no particular order. Actually, they're in the order they were listed on Atlas Quest, but for all intents and purposes, it will seem random. They are not sorted by popularity, by name, or by author. They might be popular because the person has lots of friends who've signed up for their blogs, or perhaps because they blog about a topic that interests a large section of society. Nitch blogs--those about specific geographical locations or about hobbies that cater to a small demographic--by definition won't have a lot of subscribers. That does not make the blogs any less worthy or interesting--they just won't get a lot of attention.

So, in no particular order, the ten most popular blogs (without auto-subscriptions and that are not owned by myself) on Atlas Quest:

Be sure to check out other blogs from the Blog Directory and, if you have your own blog, be sure to add it so others can follow in your adventures. And if you have any questions, be sure to Ask an Adams.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wassa's going to be disappointed! I think I subscribe to most of them!

Have you hugged your blogger today?



Ryan said...

Wassa won't be disappointed. His blog is auto-subscribed to all new members, so he has a readership over over 10,000 people.

It's the little known blogs I wanted to draw attention to. =) At least draw attention to the "biggest" of the "little" blogs.

Mr. Yuk said...

I want everyone to immediately click on the Dork's Anonymous blog and subscibe to it post-haste. If for nothing more than the naked British farmers. I cannot WAIT until July first.

The Currey Family said...

Oh scheiste. I'd better get something clever up on Dorkanon in anticipation of the mad rush of peopele who will be reading it soon. And I'd better plan something big for the July edition of Nekkid Brit Farmers (which is NOT guaranteed to be on the first, mind you, just sometime in the month!).

Thanks for the free advert, Mr. Yuk and Mr. Ryan!