Thursday, June 28, 2007

The most common searches....

A number of months back, I added a small piece of code to keep track of the number of times a search for a specific city was done. Right now, it doesn't get used for anything, but ultimately, my idea is to incorporate that information into a "smart search" so when you start typing in the name of a city to do a letterbox search, AQ can automatically include a drop-down list below it of the most common searches done using the first few letters you type. Don't know when I'll actually implement THAT particular feature, but out of curiosity, I finally took a look at the counts to see.... Atlas Quest's most popular searches.

So here it is:

  1. Portland, OR (4649)
  2. Seattle, WA (3203)
  3. Syracuse, NY (2893)
  4. Charlotte, NC (2780)
  5. Atlanta, GA (2715)
  6. Houston, TX (2570)
  7. Columbus, OH (2351)
  8. Sacramento, CA (2214)
  9. Asheville, NC (2066)
  10. Philadelphia, PA (2061)
The 100th most common search city is Cary, NC, with 657 searches. =)


Celtic Quinn said...

Just out of curiosity, where's Buffalo on that list? :D

Ryan said...

Buffalo rings in at #19 with 1642 searches. =)

Anonymous said...

Does it take in account for those cities that I have "searches" for When I check my "25 miles out - Portland" search that I have set up, does it count just like I typed into the box thingy on the front page?

Ryan said...

Yes, it includes searches from all sources, including your "25 miles out - Portland" search. =)

Anonymous said...

And.... Connecticut searches rate ????


Anonymous said...

In Connecticut, you don't have to search, you can just stumble over them.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....think I will have to run my UK searches a 100 times each log in just to keep our end up :-D


Ellie said...

Yeah Charlotte. I knew we were in the top 10 of some list. It is getting a little hot here though.

Anonymous said...

Whats the highest in Massachusetts? Any place near dartmouth on that list?