Saturday, June 03, 2023

Limited logbooks available!

Photo provided by Angel Winks

I've been adding hacks to get the queries running faster and faster and.... they seem to be doing pretty well. So I've opened logbooks up for premium members. I'm still a bit worried how logbooks will handle, so for the time being, I'm limiting them to premium members and see how it goes. I'll hack those queries as needed, and eventually open the logbooks up for everyone again.

My database work isn't done, however. These updates to keep things running are ugly hacks, and I'm still working on a more long-term solution for the complex queries. I'm ripping out thousands of lines of old code and replacing them with fresh code, and it just takes time. When this next update is ready, it'll likely have bugs and problems that will need some ironing out, and without the ugly hacks in place, some of the queries might turn out to be unacceptably slow and I'll have to do more tweaks to the code.

So I'm not done with this issue by a long shot, but I also didn't want to keep the logbooks down any longer than was absolutely necessary. Thus... the hacks. I'll keep monitoring for problem queries and adding additional hacks as needed until the permanent fix is in place, but now that logbooks are back up, I feel less up against wall trying to get this all sorted out. Maybe I'll take a day off and relax. This snafu has been... well, not pleasant.

Sorry again for all the recent issues. Slow-loading pages, logbooks inaccessible, etc. But progress continues to be made! In the long run, it's a much needed upgrade for AQ, but in the short-term, it's been painful, and I'm sorry about that.

If you're wondering about the photos on the blog, there's a photo album on AQ called Letterboxing Photos for AQ. I've been grabbing them from there. Feel free to submit your own photos and maybe someday they'll be featured on AQ (or the AQ blog).

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Krickster said...

Thanks for all your hard work on the site! Happy AQ Anniversary!