Monday, May 22, 2023

Inaccessible logbooks

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Yes, I know logbooks are still inaccessible. Yes, I'm still working on it. This issue with the slow queries has been an enormous headache for me. I lose sleep over it. I've been making progress, but it's been far slower than I had ever imagined. Basically, AQ broke the database. The size and complicity has overwhelmed the database.

But I keep getting emails and seeing posts about people thinking there's stuff in their logbook that they absolutely must get to and believe that there is no other way of doing it. For the most part, almost everything in your logbook can be accessed by doing an Advanced Search. From plants, to finds to unpublished plants, adoptions, and event signups.

Most of the logbook pages can be generated by searching for yourself as the planter, finder, attempter, carver, etc. Some pages, like donations, are a combination of those. (Search for boxes that you carved but are not the planter for.)

To see your unpublished boxes, just be sure to click the box for "Show unpublished boxes" under the "Other options" section. You don't even need to add planter information--AQ will only show you your own unpublished boxes anyhow. 

Admins can actually search everyone's unpublished boxes in this manner, however, so we have to include ourselves as the planter if we want to see our own unpublished boxes. But AQ knows that non-admins aren't supposed to see other people's non-published boxes and therefore will only show you the accessible ones--which are just your own. (Sometimes people report a problem with the location or are having trouble listing a box, so this gives admins a way to access the listing and see what's going on.)

If you need to see a list of your unlisted finds and/or attempts as well as your exchanges, you can find a link to those at the bottom of your profile. There a number of links there to download some of your data: finds, plants, trackers, exchanges, etc. They're in a CSV format so you should be able to import those files into a spreadsheet program and enjoy to your heart's content.

Anyhow, until logbooks are up and working again, be sure to check the Advanced Search page. It probably has a lot of options that you didn't even realize existed if you haven't used the page much before. It really is the ultimate search tool for letterboxes. *nodding* =)

And for the few things that aren't available from the Advanced Search page, there are still other places where the data can be accessed.

Anyhow... back to working on AQ again. Sorry again for the inconvenience! I'm really not asleep at the wheel, though! =)


Anonymous said...

Can you just link the logbook page on the profile to the advance search page? Even if it doesn't run the search, it will help people understand it can be done...

BeckyG said...

Thanks, Ryan, for all your hard work to make AQ work. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

We can tell you are working hard to resolve. And thank you for the quick links you put up.