Monday, November 05, 2012

A Tale of Two Trails!

A lot of you already know about the book I wrote--A Tale of Two Trails. I actually had it published while I was off hiking a thousand miles from Le Puy-en-Velay to Santiago and therefore had a little trouble actually acquiring copies to sell on AQ. So I generally directed anyone who was interested in purchasing the book to

I didn't actually get to see and touch my first copy of the book until after I finished my hike! And still, I had no copies available for sale on Atlas Quest.... I put in a bulk order, though, and told them to ship it on the slow boat from China (actually, it's made in America!) to save on shipping costs. Well, this afternoon, the box of books finally arrived and I'll be selling autographed copies through the AQ Marketplace. =) Shipping is just $1 regardless of the number of copies you choose to purchase.

I'm not sure how many of these I'll sell so there is a limited supply, but I will order more if I run out. (You might have to wait a few weeks before a new shipment arrives, however.)

So.... what is this book about, you ask?

Back in 2009, I hiked the West Coast Trail and Juan de Fuca Marine Trail in Western Canada, this this is the story of my hike along those two trails. It's a short book--a mere 87 pages--but in it I chase after helicopters on foot, darned near kill myself and look for drug smugglers and shipwrecks along this beautiful and deadly coastline. =)

And if you enjoy it, leave a nice review on It would be nice to have at least one or two good reviews there. And if you don't enjoy the book, well... remember what your mom said--if don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. ;o)


Anonymous said...

And if we were too anxious to wait & bought it on amazon, and now go leave a glowing review, could an autographed and stamped insert sheet arrive in our mailbox???
Wise Wanderer

Ryan said...

Yes, I suppose that could be done. Or even send me the book and I'll autograph it for you and mail it back. =)

-- Ryan

Anonymous said...

Don't think I'd want to send my Kindle through the mail ;-)
Have you seen the bribe . . . errrr, I mean, review??
Wise Wanderer