Monday, April 16, 2012

What happened?

Wasas Jr. got some serious play time in the snow
this past week! =)
For those of you up late tonight, you're probably wondering why I took down AQ for several minutes for an update. It's not really much to write about. Minor tweaks here and there, but it was easier to update if AQ was offline while uploading the necessary changes.

The biggest change which is likely to confuse most people is that I moved the events link and chat rooms links from under the Toolbox menubar button to now be under the People menubar option. As Kurious Jo pointed out a week or two ago on the message board, it just makes more sense there.

One new page is a list of keywords that people use for letterboxes. There's a link to it from the search page and add/edit a letterbox page by the label for keywords. I was a little surprised to see how popular park had become--it is actually more common than the pre-defined nightbox keyword. And even more interesting, it was completely worthless as a keyword because it was a stopword--one of the common words that AQ didn't index. (Words like the, a, and, but, letterbox, and.... park!)

So I update the stopwords list this afternoon and shortened it considerably. Park is no longer on it, so the park keyword actually works now if you try to search for it. =)

Speaking of keywords... I'm not sure if everyone realizes or not, but a good keyword requires at least three letters and/or numbers (one and two-character keywords don't get indexed and therefore cannot be searched), and multi-word keywords are broken down into their individual components for purposes of searching. So if you try to use a keyword such as "hitchhiker hostel", it actually counts as the two separate keywords "hitchhiker" and "hostel." Run words together if you want to them stay together (like I did with the pre-defined keyword of "restarea").

Ummm, yeah, that about covers everything of importance, I think.....

Where I go, Wassa Jr. goes! =) And I went skiing!


Anonymous said...

Nobody says anything for six days, then two different board posts within fifteen minutes...

Anonymous said...

Tried to log in today to post a find and the entry page has changed to "Godfather" is this your new entry point or has someone hacked? Thank you, kiwisue