Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Update Postponed....

I'm still working on getting the new server ready and it's taking quite a bit longer than I planned. I might have it all done in time for Thursday, but I'm going to postpone the switch until Friday morning just in case an extra one day isn't enough.

The main thing slowing me down is copying all of those 100,000 or so images you've uploaded to AQ over the years. Keeping in mind that for every image you do upload, AQ creates three files from it: a thumbnail, a "normal" size, and a large size. So that's 300,000 files. And it's taking a lot longer to copy all of those files from the old server to the new server. My system has been working on it for more than a day now and isn't even half done yet. 

So nothing really new to report tonight except that little postponement. But seriously--this is NOT an April Fool's joke! This is going to happen! =) And if all goes well, I now plan to make it happen on Friday, March 30th, at 10:00 AM Pacific time.


Anonymous said...

Why you keep jerking us around man! Snort! Sputter!

Ralph Spoilsport

Teresa said...

Have you considered waiting until Monday? It's over the weekend that I would think most people would be looking for clues.

MichKathy said...

Would it be faster to regenerate the thumbnail and large version rather than copying them?

I agree with Teresa above... it would be better to wait until Monday if you possibly can.

Can you remove the "large" version of the images for the short-term to get you through the weekend?

-- MichKathy

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tessie - how about waiting until monday?

Jiffy said...

Sounds like we're gearing up for a great April Fools!