Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chance of Rain Today, and Rain Tomorrow

A view of the new WeatherBug widget.
Fluffy Cow has this announcement to make about the new and improved weather widget:

Ryan was messing with stuff again, and he has reinvented the weather widget wheel. Or so he says. At least this time it didn't require kicking everyone off of AQ, so I for one, am happy. SO for everyone who can't look out a window to see if it is raining or not... here is what the new and improved weather widget will do for you:

The weather widget will now accurately predict your forecast for 7 days after you enter a valid credit card number. You can also see a bunch of silly statistical things that pretty much only men will care about like rain totals and wind speeds... Because we all know how much men care about breaking wind.... speeds. (To be read in "what about Bob voice") I'M BLOGGING!!! I'M BLOOOOGING!!!! I blogged! I blog!!! Ha ha. Okay. Back to work.... um....

So really the best thing I see about this whole widget that Ryan invested his blood, sweat and tears into (ok maybe more like 15 minutes and a hangnail) is that you can get the weather report for an AQ event, which would be really great for when the NC people decide to have an event and it ends up being like 12 degrees and Mama Wolf chickens out and doesn't come, so everyone enjoy the fruits of Ryan's labor and be sure to play with his widget!!! Often.
As Trekkie Gal then replied, "Oh my."


A couple of follow up points I'd like to make, however. First, the WeatherBug widget will be for premium members only. There's a quota on the number of times I can access their data feed, and if everyone used it, I'd easily go way over the quota. So for now, at least, this version will only be available for premium members.

Lots of new information with this weather feed! Rain totals, wind gusts, and more!
This weather widget is smarter than the previous one, so if you've listed a home location in your preferences or a location in your profile, the widget will automatically default to your listed location. If you haven't set those, it'll default to AQ Headquarters. (Seattle, in case you're wondering.) Also--you are no longer limited to zip codes. Locations from around the world are now supported.

I've also added a weather button to events, which is new. And, if the event is coming up soon, it'll display the forecast for the day(s) of the event right there with all of the other event information. Very cool! =)

So there you have it. =) And straight from the cow's mouth.....


Bubbaloo Magoo said...

Just added the weatherbug widget to my page - I like it! It's simple and straight-forward, but has some precise and clear data. Sunrise and sunset feature is great too, for box planning! Very nice, and great work! Thanks!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I just have to stand up for Mama Wolf. She saved my widget this past weekend when we were completely lost in the far reaches of no-man's land North Carolina. If it weren't for her, Papa Wolf and her Mom we would have never gotten the opportunity to Night Box and would probably still be out there lost forever, wandering around like the Zombies that we were.

~Twinville Trekkers

Marmalade said...

Sounds like Mama Wolf is the widget you would want to have in a storm. Just sayin'.