Friday, September 02, 2011

Calendar Photos. ASAP!

Yiker intends to put up some stiff resistance to
reclaim Miss May this year too! There are also
a few sunflower pictures already submitted, and
she's right--they DO make me smile! =)
Schools are starting. The temperature is getting a bit chillier out there. Summer is coming to an end, and that means.... yes, another letterboxing calendar is in the works!

There are a lot of great submissions so far this year--we've got starfish and snowmen, swamps and sunsets, bears and berries, fungus and flowers, ducks and daisy..... Pictures from Alaska (and lordy, there are a lot of those this year!) to Australia. Even without any new photo submissions, I think we've got the makings for a great letterboxing calendar. But if you've been procrastinating with your submissions, time is running short! Get your photos in soon!

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Get your submissions in by the end of day on Monday, September 5th, to make it into the 7th annual letterboxing calendar! A free calendar for everyone whose photos I use!


wassamatta_u said...

Woohoo! I got MY entry in!

Whimzee2010 said...

Thank you for the invite...AQ has enhanced my imagination! Whimzee2010