Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Message Board Tweak

A message from your founder....
If you read the message boards on Atlas Quest, you've probably already notice that posts now include a thumbnail version of the image you've uploaded to your profile. Certainly gives a little extra splash of color to the message boards--that for sure! =)

Many times people have asked for the ability to add an 'avatar' for their posts, which I've generally resisted as being unnecessary clutter. Technically, it is completely unnecessary, and for those working on slow Internet connections, such images could slow down the load time for the boards considerably. That's why you'll now find an option in the Miscellaneous Preferences to turn these images off.

I've decided to leave them on by default--my gut feeling is that most people will enjoy the change and most people are on fast, broadband connections. But you can turn the images off if you don't like them or they slow down your connection speed too much.

AQ will also repress the images automatically if you are viewing the "mobile version" of Atlas Quest. If you're using your iPhone, for instance, to read the message boards, you won't see the images until you've changed to the "standard view." (You can switch between the mobile and standard views from the main AQ page, at the bottom of the last column.)



Teresa said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Just LOVE this Ryan!! I know, I should have read YOUR blogs first when I jumped on line so instead I saw it on the first board I visited THEN went to your blog to read the news.

Again, thanks! Always enjoy the new innovations you keep adding to "our" AQ , Wendy

frykitty said...

For some reason, it's much easier for me to follow a conversation with avatars. Thank you, this is great!

Liz Henderson (Hendel D'bu) said...

It's amazing what a different feel I get from people when I see their avatars right there. Interesting.

Thanks for being the best webmaster ever. :-)