Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Chance for YOU to Own History!

Yes, if you've been living under a rock and don't know about it, I put my old hiking shoes up for auction on eBay. The auctions ends in another 24 hours or so, so time is running out!

The possibilities are endless! Use them as planters! Use them as odor eaters! (Guaranteed, you won't smell anything else in the room.) Use them as stocking stuffers for bad children! (Coal is so last century.) Use them as a fly swatter or spider squisher! Or use it as the centerpiece of your very own Tortuga Shrine!

You can even split the two shoes if you win--keep one for yourself and share the other with a friend!

And now, to sweeten the deal, I'm including one of my hand-carved stamps for the winner, so really, you're bidding on TWO pairs of my historic shoes!

The carved image I did this afternoon while eating lunch. This isn't the most amazing stamp you'll have ever seen, but it has heart, and the bottom of one shoe has my initials carved into it. (I can sign the bottom of the real shoes too, if the winner would prefer that.)

And remember, all proceeds from this auction are being donated to the Pacific Crest Trail Association! So get your bids in now!


Stacy Christian said...

I'll be really interested to see if you get more money for them than you originally spent. Payless, right?

wassamatta_u said...

Hmmmm... I'm thinking "Wassa's Patented Foot-Bleach"! Could be a big seller!

Amanda from Seattle said...

Nice sneakers carving...that's worth more than the shoes! Should have told everyone that in the beginning :-)

Anonymous said...

Thought about a traditional, but some animal would love to eat your toe jam. Find other stuff in the woods, why not an old pair of tenni's. Nail those suckers down!