Thursday, November 05, 2009

Trying to Contact a Member?

Atlas Quest is largely a closed community--closed in the sense that communication is meant to happen between members. If you don't have an account on Atlas Quest, you were out of the loop.

This is great for keeping out spam, but makes it difficult when someone who finds your letterbox by accident wants to contact you. Some would go through the effort of creating an account just to contact a member, which works, but is a bit overkill. Others would contact an admin and we'd forward the message on to the owner of the box in question, assuming we could figure out who it was meant for.

Now, however, there's a special Contact Member page that non-members can use to contact members. If you're logged into Atlas Quest, it'll just kick you to the normal page that allows you to send an AQ mail. If you want to try out the page, you'll have to log out and be a "non-member" to see it in action.

Non-members can contact you either by specifying your trail name, your member number, or the letterbox number. In the case of the box number, AQ will look up the owner of the specified box and send the message to that person.

The main home page on Atlas Quest now has a prominent link to this page at the top of the third column. (If you don't see three columns, scroll down the second column. It means your browser isn't wide enough to support three columns and the third one "collapsed" below the second one.) If you want to give muggles an easy way to contact you about your box through Atlas Quest, be sure to include either your trail name, member number, or box number in the box.

Or leave your e-mail address, which has always worked as well. =)


erichr said...

Sounds cool!

Teresa said...

What's with the letterbox and letterboxer numbers? I don't see those anywhere.

Unknown said...

When you go to a letterbox listing, the last 5 or 6 digits up on the address bar are those numbers. That's what you can use in one of those boxes, I believe. Some label those numbers on their letterboxes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ryan! This was desperately needed ioho!


Anonymous said...
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