Friday, May 29, 2009

The Results are In!

Plant-A-Letterbox Day has come and gone. For those of us out here in California, it was a beautiful cloudless day.

The official results can be seen on the Plant-a-Letterbox Day page of Atlas Quest. I waited a bit for stragglers who had planted boxes but not yet listed them or their clues had a chance to list their boxes. I figure by now, most people should have, but the numbers could still change slightly as more time passes.

As of this minute, the final results are:

Total boxes listed764
Total traditional listed684
Total non-traditional listed80

Total number of planters306
Total for traditional planters284
Total for non-traditional planters47

A detailed breakdown isn't available on Atlas Quest, so I'll mention some of the more interesting details here.

Breakdown by Type
Traditionals: 684
Hitchhikers: 21
Virtuals: 6
Postals: 10
Personal Travelers: 5
Cooties: 10
LTCs: 13
Event Boxes: 9
Others: 6

Top Ten by State
New York: 142
Washington: 56
North Carolina: 55
Michigan: 43
Oregon: 37
Ohio: 34
California: 32
Ontario: 31 (okay, not a state, but close enough!)
Georgia: 25
Pennsylvania: 24

Top Ten Planters (traditional boxes only)
Scout: 37
Milagro: 16
Water Lily: 14
FourWaters: 11
Sahlie: 11
Eiryn: 11
turtlelove: 11
Pioneer Spirit: 10
Turtle Song: 9
Gischer Gryffindors: 9

Next year, Plant-a-Letterbox Day falls on a Monday. It's Memorial Day Monday, but still, a Monday, so I figure there will likely be similar results next year. That'll likely be the last good year for most people since subsequent years will be during the work week. In 2006 and 2007, the day fell on a work day, and the number of plants exploded last year when it finally fell on a Saturday. I suspect 2011 it'll drop again accordingly. Next year, though.... next year will probably be similar to this year.

Until next year.... And you actually have 367 days (as of today) until the next Plant-A-Letterbox Day! Start preparing now! =)


Mama Cache said...

I missed out this year . . . maybe next. Thanks for posting the stats.


Ryan said...

For those of you keeping track, I tweaked the numbers on this post. It seems SOMEONE had been changing the plant dates of boxes they planted YEARS ago to this year's date, so I'm taking those out of the count.

Pennsylvania, shame... shame.... *shaking head* =)

-- Ryan

Anonymous said...

Hey, look at us in the top planters list. Woot!

Didn't realize NY had creamed WA by so much. Eeeek!

-Carianna of the GG

Cyclonic said...

How terrible, someone changing those dates ;-)

Anonymous said...

YES!!! North Carolina in second place, woo hoo!

American Jewish Princess