Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Premium Member Rates

Just as an FYI, I'm planning to raise the premium member rates from $35/year to $38/year at the end of the month. This is for NEW premium members--those who are already premium members, so long as you continue to renew, you'll continue getting the same rate you're currently getting. At this point, I plan to raise rates more-or-less at the rate of inflation every year or two. If I have to pay inflated costs for everything, so does everyone else. ;o) It's now been two years since the last increase, so I figure it's about due for another minor increase--and even then, it only applies to new premium members. All ya' old timers keep your old rates. =)

But I did want to give everyone who's not a premium member fair warning about the upcoming increase so you can lock in the current rates while they last. (Truth be told, however, I'd just as soon prefer y'all sign up next month! *wink*)

The 100-year membership is based on your current price for premium membership if you're already a premium member. If you're a premium member, AQ charges your current yearly rate multiplied by 5, so someone paying $30/year, the 100-year membership would cost 30 x 5 = $150. That won't change. You'd still be paying $30/year, and a 100-year membership would still cost $150.

If, however, you aren't a premium member already, AQ basically charges one year for an annual premium membership, then applies your current rate times five so the rates are applied fairly. Right now, that amounts to $210, but with the rate increase, it becomes $38 + ($38 x 5) = $228. If you want to get the 100-year membership can't afford it now, you can "game the system" sort of speak. Sign up for one year now at $35. Then you'll have a year to pay $35 * 5 = $175 for the hundred year membership. (The total cost being $210, or $18 less than waiting until next month to sign up.)

Clear as mud? =) Long story short--if you want to pay the lower rates, you'll want to become a premium THIS MONTH if you aren't a premium member already. If you buy the one-year premium membership, the cost of it will be applied to the 100 year membership if you choose to do that option later--but at the lower rate you've locked in.

And like I've said already, if you're already a premium member, this message does not apply to you. Just ignore me. =)

Happy trails!

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Alternatively, you could ask Henry Paulson for some of that bailout money.

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