Thursday, November 20, 2008

Florida--the home away from home?

Somehow, I'm in Florida again. I'm not exactly sure how it happened, and you'd have thought I learned my lesson from my thru-hike earlier this year, but once again I'm in Florida, and I'll be hiking.

This particular hike is a mere 110-mile walk around Lake Okeechobee. I did the western half of it during my thru-hike earlier this year, but this time I'm sticking around to hike around the whole thing.

I expect to get online occasionally during this time--I pass through quite a number of trail towns along the way with libraries, for instance! I can check my AQ mail through my PocketMail device at any public pay phone I happen across. So I won't be completely out of touch--my my Internet access will be limited and if you need something or have a question, you may not get an answer from me until December.

I'll officially start the hike Saturday morning--I'm in the Tampa area right now, getting ready at the moment. Those important last minute details, like making a new stove because I forgot to back my old one, accidentally burning off Amanda's step-mom's cat's eyebrows, and the usual pre-hike antics. The hike officially ends on November 30th, though it might take a few days before I make it back to Seattle and any return to normalness.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! And keep Wassa from getting into too much trouble. I'd still like to recognize the site when I come back. ;o)

Happy trails!

-- Ryan


Kaaren said...

How long does a 110 mile hike usually take?

wassamatta_u said...

Not long enough!!

Anonymous said...

Keep those feet dry and have a great time.

Grumpy Grinch

Anonymous said...

How exactly does one burn off cat's eyebrows. . .????

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you keep leaving one of the best hiking states in the U.S. to hike in Florida, but good luck anyway.

the cats meow said...

How does one burn off a cat's eyebrows?????

Pre said...

*accidentally burning off Amanda's step-mom's cat's eyebrows, and the usual pre-hike antics.*

Don't look at me. I had nothing to do with it..

p.s. Cats have eyebrows??

pre :-)

p.p.s. Have a great time, Ryan!

Anonymous said...

enjoy the hike! yeehaw!
or shall we say
pilgrims in this land and family, here in sunny S California

Anonymous said...

Well, the cats were just testing the "curiosity killed the cat" theory. They are lucky they got away with only singed eyebrows!!

-Amanda from Seattle

ipsquibibble said...

I'm sure Ryan will grow enough hair on that hike to knit it a new pair of eyebrows...

P. Dudes

Anonymous said...

No spam in a can, maybe... but do they put turkey in turn-key cans now?
Be safe and have fun!
Eeny Meany Miney Moe

Anonymous said...

And so...while the cats away, speaking of cats, the moose is going to play, he is already at it, Ryan. Hopefully he will have mercy on your creation and us in the process, ha. Looking forward to your latest tall "tails". Take care,
Okie Dog

Unknown said...

We'll be down Tallahassee way ourselves for Thanksgiving...have fun if we don't see ya (which we probably WON'T!)