Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where the heck are you, Ryan?

Has anyone even noticed that I'm not around anymore? Yep, it's true. At this particular moment, I'm at an Internet cafe in Limerick. That's in Ireland for those of you not up on world geography. Amanda worked a flight out to here that has a TWO day layover--so I kind of tagged along to enjoy the dirt cheap flight and free hotel room, and two days of soaking up the local sights. I've never been to Ireland before.

I've been in the country for about five hours now, practically a walking zombie from being so tired, but darn it, I only have two days here and I'm going to make the best of it!

We took a short van ride to our hotel in Limerick--learning along the way that Limerick is the third largest city in Ireland (who knew?!) and our hotel, the Clarion, is the tallest hotel in Ireland! Woo-who! Alas, we have a sixth room floor with a view over the largest pile of scrap metal I ever have seen and the river Shannon. Actually, it's kind of cool. =) I guess once they collect enough of the scrap metal, they ship it off to wherever scrap metal goes to die or get recycled.

Amanda and I visited King John's Castle this afternoon, which has been the highlight of the day. Fascinating stories of battles fought, both on the surface and through underground tunnels. We've book a bus tour for tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some interesting stories about that later.

Now we're wandering around town rather vaguely looking for any promising locations for letterboxes. In town, though, it's not looking good.

So that's what's going on on my side of the world. =) I'm ready to get some sleep, though. I think I've had all of about six hours sleep in the last 48 hours, and it's catching up to me. *yawn*


Anonymous said...

Well, you could have fooled me, you posted on the Ohio board, and I heard from you yesterday, so how's a person to know you weren't at home?
Gee, must be nice to just fly away at the drop of a hat!! [pun]
Get some sleep, but hope you two have a blast!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool Beans! Have fun you two!
Ona Journey

Anonymous said...

so many people to talk to, can't keep up with all of you, sorry we didn't notice...

Ukusa said...

Welcome to my time zone! :-D


ipsquibibble said...

How about some photos to provide some veracity? ;) Poodle Dudes

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Ryan that's awesome!! I hope you have tons of fun!! I have always dreamed of going there. I keep telling myself that I need to go to Ireland before I die...I just must!! Have a safe trip :)

♥ Lady Lilac

AceoHearts said...

Drink a Guiness and you will be fine! Make sure you take lots of pictures and submit them before the deadline.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! My husband, myself and 2 good friends traveled to Ireland the last week of 2007. We stayed in Clare County and thoroughly loved the whole experience. My husband fell down a flight of steps at the Cliffs of Mohr and sprained his foot/ankle. We went lboxing on one day trip to castle/abbey ruins. I got to check a trip to Ireland off the bucket list. Fairyfly

Anonymous said...

Scrapmetal out your window in a hotel in Ireland? Oh, you poor, sad creature!! Rainy, foggy stormy days. You are still in Ireland Ryan. Who cares if you are sleeping in a pile of junk. It's Irish junk in Ireland!!

Lizardlady61 Groton, CT