Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What's in a Theme?

Atlas Quest, as most of you reading this blog probably know, cycles through various themes. There's the main, default theme, with the road map across the banner at the top of each page. (Just in case you were wondering, that section is in Ohio, the southwestern section if I remember correctly, but the map I copied it from was actually paper from a craft store and it's not entirely accurate, which I'm assuming is for copyright reasons.)

The current theme is an underwater theme that I simply call "Ocean." I didn't have a holiday in mind when I created it, but based on the chatter from the message boards, it seems to be quite a popular one! Which is cool, because it's one of my favorite themes as well. I was just giddy about it when I finished.

Then I got to wondering.... what ARE the most popular themes on Atlas Quest? So I did a quick search of the Atlas Quest database and picked out some interesting numbers based on what members have set their preferences to.

And the winner is... the default blue theme, with 131 members selecting that as the theme to see.

Admittedly, those are probably votes for "I hate themes and stop showing them to me!" Which is fine--that's why you have the option after all. =)

A total of 59 different themes are being used by members on Atlas Quest, and here are the top ten most popular ones:

Pirates: 93
Old World: 92
Summer: 89
Zodiac: 76
Solar Eclipse: 59
Ocean: 46
Mother's Day: 36
School: 33
Lunar Eclipse: 32
Books: 28

The thing that surprises me most about the ocean theme is that it's not even a choice on the theme preferences page (as of yet!) You all had to type in that link into the space for the CSS URL manually. I know a lot of you prefer the one-click buttons that most other themes have. I suspect once I get the Next Big Update done (with the ocean theme explicitly supported), even more people will pick it. And when the ocean theme runs its course and the next theme goes up, a lot of people will want the ocean theme to come back. I think those ocean counts are going to go up quite a bit within the next week or so.

The most popular non-AQ theme is -- not sure if it has an "official" name or not, though. Nine people are using that theme.

Just behind it, I noticed was the "no buttons" theme that hides the emotion buttons on the message boards. Eight people have chosen not to see buttons.

Also interesting, I think, I've found six people who chose to link to locations on Atlas Quest that are not valid CSS links. If you do that, you'll just see the default theme--not harm done--but it's odd that people would point their themes to boxes and other invalid locations. Perhaps I'll fix that for you folks someday, but I'm lazy so I probably won't. =)

Sorry, wassa, only two people kept your WassaQuest theme up, and I bet at least one of them is you. ;o)

Hope you enjoyed this backroom tour of themes. If you have a favorite theme, remember you can see them at any time by adjusting your preferences. Click on the Preferences link under the My Page menubar option, then choose Themes as the the page to update.

And if you're waiting for the ocean theme to be included in the official AQ list of themes--the Next Big Update, it will be there. *nodding*


Anonymous said...

"""""And the winner is... the default blue theme, with 131 members selecting that as the theme to see.

Admittedly, those are probably votes for "I hate themes and stop showing them to me!" Which is fine--that's why you have the option after all. =)"""""

well, no ryan, i like to keep it at that setting so i don't miss any of the new themes......

and i really for some reason don't like the road map.....which is strange because i love to travel and drive all across the usa.....

sometimes they are there for a very short time. even if it is one i don't like i normally keep it there so i don't miss something.......

now once we have the ocean theme gone i don't know...may change my ways.....

and keep that my pref.

thanks for this behind the screen tour into things.


Anonymous said...

No cows, huh?

Fluffy Cow

Anonymous said...

I keep the map default background because my house is located at the upper left corner of the I-71 interstate shield.

Pioneer Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I had about managed to completely erase the memory of those durn buttons, but then you had to go and remind me! Hee hee, actully, I was reminded just the other day when someone referred to them in a message. Still not feeling too motivated to bring them back yet, thanks for keeping up the option!
Gad XX

Anonymous said...

Okay, Ryan, I see where Fluffy Cow has asked for a cow theme, and I know for sure Belmer would love to see a Pig theme, she is crazy about pigs. So why not a farm theme? Or a city horizon theme, preferably my home town, ha ha. How about a rotating theme of all the great cities of the US? They do have roads, and trails, and boxes? I don't know if you can do this sort of thing, but at least it is an idea for you to ponder, I know you like to do that. Nodding
Just my two cents worth, and a penny more when I say, thumbs up on the ocean theme!!!
O Dog

Anonymous said...

Oh, and you know, your clock is off on here, its actually almost 11 p.m. Central Standard Time. Not 9 p.m. as it says. My mistake, maybe its that time where you are.

I didn't know you could make those comment boxes disappear, learn something new everyday here. I kind of like them though.
O dog once more.

Kayak Bandit said...

I think you would see a change in how many people use the comment buttons if the option for button or no buttons was available with each of the themes. I enjoy the change of themes as they come down the pike, but would choose no buttons if I got all the new themes as they came along.
There are so many nice new things to discover all the time. I am too embarased to remark on them for fear they have been there a long time.
Thanks for everything Ryan!
Kayak Bandit '(*!*)'

Anonymous said...

Can Wassa's be made an option? Maybe it should be our New Years theme, in memory of Wassamatta-u's big day. LOL

Larva Lady-ZZ

Anonymous said...

I agree, I only keep the default to see the themes as they change - always a nice surprise. Not particularly fond of the road map.


k1s2c3-Jones said...

I just knew that map was of Ohio. An area I know, but I wondered why a guy out west would use part of an Ohio map, now I know, it came off of paper.

Beach Gal said...

I use default to see all of the new themes too :)

pugnasties said...

Wow I'm really surprized that many people are using my theme with no name. I just through it together to see if I could do it. I'm glad you 8 people enjoy it.

Joe Coelecanth said...

Mark me down as someone who went for "default blue" because he couldn't stand the eye-grating yellow and red McLetterboxing Theme that somebody decided to install back in April.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to this discussion, I got out of our Mother's Day Theme rut and went back to the "go with the flow" of your daily/weekly changes. So clever! What's the name of that book you have the tells what each day is attributed to?

Anonymous said...

While the themes are great fun, I opt for the old World because it's very easy on the eyes, and I still get a cool map. I pop back to the default now and then just to see what you've created, but I generally don't stay there long. Can't wait to see what the net big update will bring!
Florida Sunsets
*still pining away for a PM

Casa del Sol said...

I, too, usually keep the default so that I can see what is new or holiday related. Course now I have the walk theme for a few days.

Cindy said...

Berries are always a great option for me

Blackberry Patch

Anonymous said...

I am going to try to find that css tutorial and make one or two...

Anonymous said...

i really like the sunrise/or set on the AT theme but i can't find it listed on the theme page. whats the css link for it?